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Delving Into The Production of Mouse Under Siege

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If you read the description you'll know the internet used to be a dark and scary place filled with these evil games called mouse avoiders. Your mouse would go through a maze and not touch the edges. Some even had those fun scare pictures.

I was like I REFUSE TO MAKE A MOUSE AVOIDER.....Wait unless I make something much cooler. So I decided to make Mouse Under Siege

Mouse Under Siege Cinematic from Eggys Games

Unique Twist On The Genre

So the way I decided to add a twist on it was making an entire army attack your mouse. Your mouse is enemy #1 of the United States of America. I mean I live in Australia but lets be honest it's only the American army that has the highest kill streak of all time.

It starts off easy with a few stick shooters, over time the screen is AN ENTIRE HELL OF BULLETS! the tanks come, the bomber planes and then eventually the heat seeking missiles.

Mouse Under Siege Screenshot from Eggys Games

Graphics Worked Well Together

I think the main thing I love about this game is the graphics and colour palette. If you have been following along my older articles you will see the crappy graphics of my games like Battle Egg and Fur Ball but now....I was getting better....I was growing stronger.... I was now strong enough to kick the ass of at least 7 year olds at once in a fight.

The graphics had improved immensely, now everything started to gel cohesively. The mouse slowly took on damage over time and catches fire. The tanks and planes were refined and smoothed out, the background clouds as a backdrop works great for all sorts of games.

Funny enough in this game, the explosions are not very Flash friendly because they were heaps of layered and masked vectors. Terrible decision in hindsight. Once it was online when the mouse explodes, choosing to use 5 movieclips of that heavy masking turns into lag. The weirdest part is it almost looks like its part of the game...haha...lets pretend it is alright.

Mouse Under Siege Screenshot


After making a bunch of games, it was time to put an opening storyline. Just a quick intro cinematic of the mouse coming in and being the evil entity.

Overall the game wasn't hard to make. Coding it was quite easy, frankly all the code essentially boils down to targeting the mouses X and Y coordinates. Quite simple stuff so not much point going into detail about it. So the main part I take away from this game is the graphics upgrade and the idea improving on an existing genre.

I still use some of the graphics of this game to this day. Just refined a little with dynamic lighting and shadows.

Mouse Under Siege Death Screen

Hope you all enjoyed playing Mouse Under Siege ^_^