Eggys Games


Eggbot vs Zombies

Category - Shooter

Released - 2018 November

Survive against the never ending hordes of zombies in this sidescrolling shooting game with over 20 weapons to choose from!

Eggys Big Adventure

Category - Platformer

Released - 2018 June

A fun physics based platformer! Eggy must get through 22 levels in a world that has been taken over by the darkness.


Category - RPG

Released - 2017 September

Arcalona is a huge rpg game where 3 unique heroes must reclaim the lost islands while lvling up your characters with spelltrees for each hero.

Eggys Death Chamber

Category - Survival

Released - 2015 December

You play as a stickman that can upgrade his weapons and spells to try survive Eggy throwing lots of eggs and traps at you.

Heli vs Tower

Category - Survival

Released - 2013 June

Survive as long as you can against the never ending tower while flying your helicopter, taking over new helicopters and fighting off the enemies!

The Unfair Platformer

Category - Platformer

Released - 2008 January

A really unfair platformer game that will make you pull out your hair in anger while also laughing. This game will trick you and test all your skills.

The Tower

Category - Defence

Released - 2009 January

Build your tower up with different types of blocks. Each round it will be attacked by monsters, upgrade your spells to protect it!

The Infection

Category - Shooter

Released - 2009 August

Stop the infection breakout from taking over the lab. Make your way through the lab killing zombies and evil creatures that get in the way.

Draw-Play 3

Category - Platformer

Released - 2008 October

Draw your own level to get your guy to the flag. You will face enemies and traps that destroy your ground so be careful!

Heaven and Hell

Category - Survival

Released - 2011 February

You must defend your destructible island from hells evil creatures with your scythe. When back in heaven and you will need to heal your island.

Smithys Quest

Category - Adventure

Released - 2007 May

Help Smithy get back his golden spork. In this humour based adventure game you will meet quirky characters while finding the right items.

Time Sphere

Category - Platformer

Released - 2010 March

In this platformer you have a gun that can freeze time. You will be able to use it to stop bullets, stop anything from moving.

Last Egg Alive

Category - Survival

Released - 2010 February

Survive for as long as you can against the never ending level. Blocks and spikes will just keep coming. Try not to fall off when the ground breaks!

Knights Castle

Category - Defence

Released - 2008 March

Defend your castle from the enemies trying to destroy it. You will use your sword and spells to survive as you level up along the way.

The Egg

Category - Puzzle

Released - 2008 August

Physics based game based on bouncing the egg into the basket, using trampolines and teleporters. Can you figure out the way to bounce it in?

Stickya Adventurya

Category - Comedy

Released - 2008 August

Poor Stickya has fallen down a hole of doom. Help him escape by using his farting to kill enemies, his guitar skills and his boneless body.

Battle Fish

Category - Survival

Released - 2008 July

Upgrade your fishies with weapons to kill the enemy sea creatures. You can name your fish, give them guns, and drop bombs to kill enemy creatures!


Category - Puzzle

Released - 2008 May

You're a robot that can change gravity in all 4 directions. A platformer that will have you thinking in different ways then a conventional platformer.

Mouse Under Siege

Category - Mouse Avoider

Released - 2008 April

Dodge the stick armys bullets and missiles as they try kill your mouse cursor! Click stickmen to kill them and stay alive as long as possible!

Nodes 2

Category - Puzzle

Released - 2007 November

Nodes 2 is the sequel to Nodes that expands with things like curvy lines, a level editor and a lot more levels to challenge your brain!


Category - Puzzle

Released - 2007 June

In this puzzle game you need to line up the lasers through the nodes to light them up. In this brain tease you need to use your lasers carefully.

Draw-Play 2

Category - Platformer

Released - 2006 November

The sequel to the popular Draw-Play is here. With twice as many levels, a level editor and more music and coloured lines to expand on the first!


Category - Platformer

Released - 2006 October

Draw-Play is very simple, all you have to do is get to the flag, easy right? Well the catch is you have to draw your own ground with the mouse!

Silly Chicken

Category - Comedy

Released - 2013 May

Help little silly chicken find his online girlfriend in this platformer! He will encounter evil cows, silly chat screens and mini games everywhere!

Break the TV

Category - Puzzle

Released - 2013 August

A puzzle game using chain reactions to break the TV. You need to line up objects that will react with the next ones to use them all.

Super Joe

Category - Platformer

Released - 2013 January

Super Joe's ability changes each level, there is 20 levels to use your super power each level in this puzzling type of platformer. Good luck!

Hyper Square

Category - Platformer

Released - 2007 August

Move through the levels of a giant 2D rubix cube with traps. You can spin it, to find the exit, but be careful of the evil traps in lots of rooms!

Bounce Madness

Category - Survival

Released - 2010 June

Keep the ball in the screen by moving your paddle left and right but also up and down. Playing against yourself as obstacles enter the screen!

Fur Ball

Category - Adventure

Released - 2007 November

Eat stuff and you will grow bigger. Survive the blobs trying to kill you while Fur Ball keeps eating his way to victory and traveling through the world

Battle Egg

Category - Survival

Released - 2009 December

Upgrade your giant battle egg to survive! Shoot its giant cannon at the incoming enemies and missiles and upgrade it each round!