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All released games by Eggys Games in order of release date! Below is a complete list of official games I have released starting from the latest. The top games are Unity and Mobile. Where as the below ones were made in Flash which has since been removed and you may need to either install a dedicated Player like Newgrounds Player or buy the package on Steam. I hope you enjoy my games as much as I had making them. My games are free to play when released. However when packaged they are pay for the bundle.


Android and Unity

Laser Nodes

Line up the lasers through the nodes to complete the levels. Later on bounce your laser off mirrors that can reflect unlimited times. Can you figure out the pattern?

Bouncy Egg

In this super bouncy physics game you have to bounce your egg into the basket using springs, conveyer belts and walls. Avoid the TNT and be a smart egg to solve it!

The Magical Golden Egg

In this chicken platformer you must get your white chicken to the end of the level by casting spells out your golden egg and spawning gun chickens to kill enemies!

Eggbot Vs Zombies

A fast paced shooting game based on zombie modes from other games except in 2D. Built in Unity with flash based graphics. Play for free in your browser or mobile!

Eggy's Big Adventure

A cute physics based platformer game. Hop around and fall on the slippery cloud platforms all the way into the dark lands! Play for free in your browser or mobile!

Flash Games


Arcalona was my last Flash Game and also my biggest. An RPG/RTS game both in one. My hardest game to make to date still. It was very ambitious. It was my Mona Lisa of Flash Games you could say. I'm proud with the end result! All turned out nice.

Eggy's Death Chamber

The evil Eggy has captured you and put in into his death chamber! Kill his egg minions to collect coins for upgrades to make it further and survive longer! I made this while working at a petrol station in between serving customers.

Draw-Play 3

Draw-Play was the only game that I ever made 2 sequels of. The 3rd one wraps up my ideas perfectly with destructible terrain and the classic drawing level style. My game was copied many times over the years. But I was the original! 

Heaven and Hell

Another huge Flash Game where you switch between the two universes. Fight in hell against minions while rebuilding your land in heaven. This game was a side off idea from Draw-Play and to be honest making this almost broke me. Almost.

The Unfair Platformer

The game that cemented me in youtube history. I set out to design a game just to piss people off and before I knew it I had PewDiePie himself reviewing my game. It's weird because I mostly was trying to anger people, and it ironically end up being my most fun game. Irony is crazy my friends.

The Tower

This game was my idea to put a spin on defence games. I wanted you to be building the very thing you had to protect. Like a mix of lego building and RPG in one. The best part is when you have a lot of cannons firing off, it's beautiful to watch them auto gun down mass enemies!  

The Infection

This game was made in 1 week flat. Nonstop working 16 hours a day every day. A horror shooting game that turned out quite popular at the time. It's main complete was that their were not more levels, due to the time crunch involved that is why. Very fun horror shooting game!

Battle Fish

I was inspired to make this game while visiting Darwin in Australia. The place is beautiful yet all the wildlife are extremely dangerous. Out came Battle Fish! fish with weapons hell bent on destroying you. I loved this game idea. I may actually make a mobile version of this soon! Pigggless!


A simple puzzle game where you have to move the lasers to cross out the Nodes. Simple idea yet very powerful. I released 1 and 2. The 2nd had an updated look and came with a level editor as well. I don't make many puzzle games but when I do I try make them as addicting as possible!

Stickya Adventurya

This game I went in just to have a lot of fun. It breaks all the rules of conventional platformers and invents silly ideas and fun things you can do with it. From farting on enemies, to jumping on snakes to playing guitar because....why not?! The game also features my voice in the intro.

Smithys Quest

Smithys Quest was another game I went into just to have a lot of fun. I took the popular idea of item collecting psuedo-rpg's and I mixed it up a little with comedy. The game came out pretty funny, albeit a little simple. It should give you a laugh. Hint : Press on the rocks!

The Egg

A puzzle game with psuedo physics. The game technically has no physics but it gives the illusion it does. It's amazing what you can accomplish with simple code. Simply try drop that Egg directly into the basket and you can drag around the pieces on the board that change the direction!


A puzzle game focused on moving pieces of the ground around with the mouse. Their was definitely mixed reactions to this brand new idea. Nonetheless it did quite well and came out with a nice design style that I have always enjoyed. It can get very hard very quick though! so be careful! 

Time Sphere

Like all my games I like to keep trying new things. This games idea was stopping time inside the sphere that you shoot. I also experimented with a gradient texture style for the art. It gave it a "grungy" type feel along with the music. The game came out with the ambiance I wanted.

Knights Castle

Defence games were always popular back in the Flash Game days. We made our own with a slight spin on the idea having an RPG feel to it upgrading your knight. It was a little crude at the time but it got the job done. You can place down explosive barrels and shoot them with fireballs!

Mouse Under Siege

Another common genre on the web was Mouse Avoiding games. I took that genre and put my spin on it. Instead of dodging polygons, you are being attacked! the tank firing directly at your mouse was always my favourite part of this. The game gets insanely hectic if you survive!

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Nothing brings me more joy than people enjoying the things I created. I feel like it is one of the big reasons that give my life meaning, to leave behind a piece of myself and my imagination - Bradley Erkelens

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