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Bradley Erkelens

Bradley Erkelens

Hi there! I am an Australian game coder, designer and business owner. I have been releasing games for over 15 years through my company here Eggys Games. My most popular games included titles such as The Unfair Platformer and Draw-Play 3. I am a full stack developer capable in many languages and programs. I have released games in Flash, Unity and Android. Day to day I am supported by my lovely wife Maria Erkelens and our cat Mochi.

Mochi Cat

Mochi is our adorable cat. Our most precious member of the family. She is a Siberian Forest Cat that is hypo-allergenic. Which is really interesting because she makes less of the protein that makes people like me allergic! So I am able to have a cat finally! I may be biased but she is the most perfect and unique cat in the world.

Maria Erkelens
Maria Erkelens

I am blessed to have married my lovely wife Maria Erkelens. She has made me be a better person and has supported me in all my game development. She is the love of my life and each day I am grateful to have her by my side. She loves cats and games like Harvest Moon and Pokemon. She also loves Studio Ghibli, Rick and Morty, most anime and..... me!

Eggys Games Logo
Eggy's Games

I started Eggys Games when I was only 15 years old. I used it as my umbrella logo to hold all my games in one location. What started off as a project of passion has turned into a company that brings me in passive revenue and brings fun to lots of my players around the world. If you are reading this and enjoy my games, thank you so much for your support :3

Tools, Technology and Languages Used

Unity IconFlash IconHTML IconJS IconReact IconVS IconNodeJS IconAudacity IconSlack IconGithub IconC Sharp IconAS3 IconAdobe Animate IconDocker IconRuffle Icon

Contact for Work
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I am available for work currently. You can contact me via my LinkedIn and I will be happy to send a resume or look over your contract work.

Random Facts About Me
  • I have been making games since I was 13 years old
  • The first game I finished was in Flash called Zombies Revenge. It was terrible.
  • I hit Ancient rank in Dota 2
  • I love competitive games like CSGO, Dota 2, Fortnite and Halo
  • I love avocado on toast
  • I have made over 30 games
  • I was happily married on 30th Sep 2023
--- FAQ ---

Can I contact you for job offers and to make a game?

Yes, you can. Contact me via LinkedIn preferably with all work offers.

What is your most successful game?

The Unfair Platformer. It was played over 50 million times online and played by many famous youtubers like PewDiePie and MarkPliar.

How can I make games?

I suggest downloading a game engine like Unity, Game Maker etc and start learning it as well as a language. Dive right in!