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My New Game Dopamine Eggs In Development in Unity

Work on my new game Dopamine Eggs is under way. As you can see Im using Unitys great lighting effects to really bring to life the cartoony graphics of Flash. The great holy egg shall be worshipped by you all! As you will take over the entire world. ALL WORSHIP THE EGG!!!!!!!!!!

Also that's an asteroid hurtling past.

Want to keep up with the game and me? feel free to come say hi in my discord -



As we can see the game will have a proper day and night cycle and switch between the 2 :)

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Martys House

So Bradley finally went and visited Marty. As his Uber pulled up outside his house, he looked up at the giant walled gates. Patrolling the area were giant floating Marty heads. They hovered about 20 metres in the air, there giant red eyes surveying the landscape. As he went up to the gate and pressed the buzzer all the heads locked on to him in unison. Bradley felt a chill down his spine as they scanned him. Marty had programmed them to allow Bradley safe passage though, so the heads continued on floating off to patrol the rest of the compound. He saw in the distance as the Marty heads locked onto a nearby plane trying to fly overhead, they took it down with lasers straight out of there eyes. 

As Bradley entered through the gate, 2 armed guards with Martys face masks stood to either side holding AR-15's. Bradley gulped and got inside the Marty-mobile cart that was there. He got in the back. It looked like an old horse and cart carriage except the top was cut off and everything was made of steel. The horses were mechanical and the driver was a top torso with a Marty head attached with a spring. As he closed the cart door the cart sprung into action and galloped forward. The head did a 180 spin to stare at him. 

As Bradley held on for dear life as the cart charged forward the robot driver started spouting out Marty fun facts "Bzzzzt Marty fun fact #57 - Marty is a coding god and regarded as legend within his work community" Bradley narrowed his eyes in doubt. Unfortunately Marty must have programmed the robot to look for micro expressions. The head leaned forward right very fast into Bradleys face with the spring stretched all the way. Its face grew dark and said "Do you doubt our god?" "" stammered Bradley. The head bounced back with a cheerful "Well good then! as it bounced back and forth"

As the carriage arrived at the Marty mansion. There was a 30 foot high statue out front of the house surrounded by a water fountains. The Marty statue was posed in the form of Hercules himself. With bulging giant muscles. The Mansion was gigantic, stretching easily for miles in each direction, made of stone. The front was quite nice with a well kept garden. The door was quite high up though, in front of him was a giant stone staircase.

Bradley climbed the steps up the mansion, which wasn't easy. There was 200 steps Bradley counted on the way up, all with gargoyles on the sides in Marty likeness. As he finally reached the door he pulled back a giant Marty head door knocker that bounced back against the door letting out a very loud "WALLLLLLLLLLLACCCCCceeeeeeeeeeeeeee" into the house that echoed for miles.

The door creaked open. Bradley was expecting to see Marty but instead another robot was at the door, it told him to follow him. As he walked down the gigantic corridor of red carpet with embezzled diamonds in the walls. He looked around in awe. The hallway itself was huge. Every single part of the wall was covered in framed pictures of Marty pulling all different facial expressions. He tried to keep up with the robot but it was pretty fast on it's escalator type wheels. 

They reached the main dining room, it felt like it took forever to get there. Bradley gasped as he looked around. It was like walking into another dimension. Everywhere he looked was amazing little robots and gadgets performing all sorts of tasks. To the left a Giant bronze Marty head spewed out MCT bulletproof coffee out of it's mouth into a giant cauldron that was bubbling. To his right a gigantic robot arm would reach down and pick up pieces of steel. It would then drop them onto an escalator. At the end of this escalator, millions of little Marty cups were being forged out of steel and imbued with some sort of magical glow. The robots didn't seem to pay any attention to Bradley to his relief. 

Bradley all of a sudden had a strange fly buzzing around his head. He tried to swat it away before realising it was a little micro fly robot with a camera on it. It circled him scanning him up and down before whizzing off again. Bradley slowly walked forwards past all the working Martin-bots and saw a red door. He opened it to see a gigantic throne room. On the top most wall was a gigantic picture of Marty and upon the throne, was Marty working on his laptop. 

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