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Welcome to Eggy's Games. The home of everything made and released by Eggy's Games. Flash Games, Unity Games, Android Games and more!

Latest Releases

Bouncy Egg

In this super bouncy physics game you have to bounce your egg into the basket using springs, conveyer belts and walls. Avoid the TNT and be a smart egg to solve it! 

Eggbot vs Zombies 

A fast paced shooting game based on zombie modes from other games except in 2D. Built in Unity with flash based graphics. Play for free in your browser or mobile!

Eggy's Big Adventure

A cute physics based platformer game. Hop around and fall on the slippery cloud platforms all the way into the dark lands! Play for free in your browser or mobile!

The Magical Golden Egg

In this unique platformer you must get your white chicken to the end of the level by casting spells out your golden egg like gun chickens that shoot enemies, shields to block spells and rockets to knock Play for free in your browser!


Arcalona has been ported to Android mobile! My biggest Flash game is now playable on Android. In this game you build a base with real time build time. Level up heroes and give them new weapons and spells.

Eggy's Games Flash Collection
Steam Package

Since Flash is no longer supported in browsers. You can buy the complete collection of my games for only $4.50...That's 22 games! Such classics as The Unfair Platformer and Draw-Play with design documents on the process.

Bradley Erkelens
Bradley Erkelens
Programmer/Game Designer/Investor

Gday mate! I'm an Australian game programmer and designer. I released many games over a 10 year period during the Flash Game boom. My most popular games included titles such as The Unfair Platformer. I have started moving onto making games in Unity and for mobile. Also dabbling in new things now like cryptocurrency. 

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