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Heres just a few things I have found around the net related to Eggy's Games I have found quite amusing. I didn't have a place to put them so I decided to make this the random page for now till I figure that out. A few comics I did and some famous people playing my games.

PewDiePie Reviews The Unfair Platformer

The famous Pewdiepie playing one of my games and raging out. Is always hilarious to watch

Hahaha Yes pewdiepie that's right. Feel my wrath.

RageQuit (RoosterTeeth) Plays The Unfair Platformer

Rage Quit - "FUCK"

I can't stop laughing

Seeing RageQuit do a review of my game was the best moment ever. I could not stop laughing every time he was swearing. It's pretty satisfying when you create a game designed to piss people off, and you see them get very angry. I had tears in my eyes laughing listening to this. 


Every now and then I get bored and make a comic.


The Eggcomic #13


The Eggcomic #19


The Eggcomic #45

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