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Eggys Games Coin is Released

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Eggys Games coin is now live! you can buy and trade it on dex screener! All you need is a phantom wallet and Solana to trade it!

Dexscreener Live Chart Info

Eggys Games chart

Who We Are

Eggy's Games coin is going to be used in our games to buy and sell various in game items. It will become an in game currency. We have been making games for over 15 years and worked with many trusted websites. Me personally Bradley Erkelens will be the named attached and responsible for this coin. All my information is public and supporting the community.

I have been a developer for many years and had my most popular games played by PewDiePie on youtube. You can watch it here!


  • Minted 10 billion coins and disabled any more minting.

  • We burned 6 Billion instantly into the Liquidity Pool so it's locked forever!

  • We will airdrop some to presale investors

  • We are active on Telegram and taking votes on things that benefit our supporters

  • From here on coins will be used to power our games


Our Goal With The Coin

We are going to be adding it as purchase income in the game. The current game it will be used in is called Dopamine Eggs and the goal is to increase your eggs per second while building your base up. There are RPG elements and lots of monsters to fight as your egg grows and takes over the world.

Users will be able to deposit Eggys Games coin directly into the game to be able to buy big upgrades, they will be able to earn free egg by competing in leaderboards and withdrawing back to their wallet.

Dopamine Eggs Prototype

Goal From Here

Currently we are growing the community and getting early investors to get in at a great price! please join us in telegram and become part of the decision making of the coin! and get a phantom wallet and start buying it on radium with the Eggys Games ID -


Telegram -

Our other socials will be promoting it on Twitter as well

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