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Dissecting My Old Flash Game Battle Egg

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As a game dev the only way you are going to improve and learn is to just get out there and make stuff. It's probably going to suck. Just like my game Battle Egg. Like really suck. Like it sucks so much you are going to ever regret pressing that link. You might even remove the bookmark of Eggy's Games. In my defence, I was only like 15 years old when I made it.

The Game Itself and Idea

The game was of course centered around eggs. What a shocker huh? I always had this idea that an egg would crash land and you would need to keep it alive from the humans trying to kill it. It's also been an origin story of sorts that still to this day I want to remake. Alien vibes perhaps?

The game was a simple survival game that were popular in those days. You have enemies coming at you and you gotta keep your base alive. In this case it's an egg.

Battle Egg Screenshot Gameplay

Good and Bad

Replaying it 15 years does make me cringe. However there are few things I was able to salvage. For example the gameover screen is a broken egg, if you go to any broken url like this > you will actually see this broken egg. It's always cool when you can salvage art to use later on.

I'm still a weird fan of the Main Menu. I always love making a nice main menu, the idea is to make them simple but still seems lively and animated. This one has the egg hurtling towards the ground and it is kinda satisfying to look at. This menu can definitely be re-used later when I make a remake of it.

Battle Egg Main Menu

Now the gameplay itself isn't complete garbage. It can be kinda fun shooting at missiles and helicopters, but it remains very static. The core gameplay here can again be re-used one day if I brush it up, make it faster shooting and a lot more going on. Theirs definitely potential here.

The upgrades are funny but they are lacking a nice UI and they look awful in terms of graphics. Something you can take from this is the hover is always a good idea, unfortunately it was paired with really bad graphics. The upgrades themself also weren't fleshed out properly. It would be interesting to make a proper skill tree.

Battle Egg Main Menu by Eggys Games

End Summary

Overall the game is rough and cringe, but below the surface their is definitely some potential here for a remake in Unity. If I ever wanna re-visit this idea I might take the core mechanic and then turn it into a much bigger game while sticking to the core idea itself.

There is always the nostalgia factor, as a kid I look back on this and I was so proud at the time. I had an idea and I brought it to life as a game. Theirs no greater feeling as a teenager than bringing things to life you thought of and put down on paper.

Overall terrible game, but a great stepping point for me to start to become a full time game developer.

You will forever live in cringe land and my nostalgia memories - Battle Egg