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Welcome to Eggys Games Coin
Our coin is designed to bridge the Web3 gaming networks with blockchain technology. We are building games and interactive wallets where you can use your Eggys Games coin directly in game! Play our cryptocurrency apps below!
You can connect a Solana wallet and trade SOL for EGG below:
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Interactive Wallet Game
Our current build of intergrating the very first Solana based Unity game! Login to the game using a Solana supported wallet and explore the egg universe with mini games, collectables, exploration and more!
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Eggys Games Whitepaper
Read the official whitepaper that describes in depth our goals and plans for our cryptocurrency coin from start to finish! Our upcoming games, our plans to market the coin and how we will enable in-app purchases
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Dopamine Eggs
Game (Coming Soon)
We are building the first ever idle egg game on the crypto network. You will be able to earn eggs, buy eggs, spend your hard earned egg. While building your egg base and exploring in an RPG enviroment!
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Aiming to Moon
Eggys Games cryptocurrency is shooting for the moon itself. We are going to become the #1 gaming cryptocurrency of all time. We will moon, and our hodlers will be rewarded. This we vow to the world! Long live the egg!
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The Best Gaming Cryptocurrency
Why invest in us? because still to this day not many cryptocurrency web games have managed to successfully integrate cryptocurrency in Unity and Mobile games to the degree we are aiming for. We want a full P2E ecosystem to use your coin everywhere!