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End of 2023 Wrapup for Eggy's Games

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In the year 2023 we made some decent progress here for Eggys Games. Let's look at the highlights.

Released Laser Nodes

Another game was released for browser and mobile phones. It was a remake of my old Flash game called Nodes. This time I remade it in Unity with sparkling new graphics effects. In the Flash days making a laser look cool was difficult but with Unitys new built in shaders I was able to custom make one and run it through a renderer to make a realistic looking laser thats moving between and through the Nodes! It was a good homage to the original and I was happy with the result. I even managed to make infinity bouncing lasers. Go check it out and play it here - Laser Nodes

Laser Nodes Screenshot at Eggys Games

Re-designed the Website

This year was a big breakthrough for redesigning my website. I completely made it in scratch from the ground up in React, Next.JS and Typescript. These are the same languages Facebook is built on and not only was I able to make the site look cleaner and more responsive, I was able to learn a completely new language to help me design new future websites.

I completely made the new header image in Adobe Flash to make it blend into the white background.

I added an articles section that's connected to a CMS allowing me to make proper posts, I custom made the navbar showing my name under each article and even added FB Comments. I then added Ruffle allowing all my games to be played in browser. I'm really happy with the new look and feel of the site, it gives a new clean professional look for people to come visit.

Eggys Games Redesign in React and Next.js

Designed a Chess Website

This year I started expanding my website making skills by making a chess gambling website for a client. I learned how to do databases and multiplayer online servers using sockets. I also am learning about payment systems.

With these new skills I was able to make a brand new website for my client who seems happy with it so far! I can't release the name yet as it's not officially out but I am pretty proud of learning how to do sockets and databases.

With these new skills it means I will be able to make my own multiplayer games in the future!

Chess Website

Worked as a Game Developer

I landed a job as a game developer full time for the year as well. This allowed me to branch out my skills and make new types of games for clients. One was a racing game where they bet cryptocurrency on! This allowed me to expand my skills even more.

Next Year

My plans for next year are to take all these new skills I learned and hopefully combine them into a new game involving multiplayer and perhaps even cryptocurrency.

Let's see what the year 2024 brings for Eggy's Games!