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Cryptocurrency is Booming Once Again, You Should Invest Soon

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Cryptocurrency continues to break more records with it's prices. I have held Cryptocurrency for years now and it's one of the best decisions I ever made. I have profited a lot from it.

Higher Interest Rates

Straight off the bat the amazing thing about cryptocurrency is you can stake it that has higher return rates than any bank or stocks can give you. Some coins are even as high as 40% APY. The usual rate can vary anywhere between 5% and 35% APY. The interest pretty much assures your coins are always snowballing.

My favourite to stake are things like Tron, Bittorrent and Ethereum. I usually recommend when investing in a coin that you should look at what options you have for staking it because this will become essential to show you on whether you can start making passive income from it.

You will the higher the interest rate the more risky that coin is, but the more profitable it can become. So make sure you do your research. By far my favourite is Tronlink Wallet. It's great for putting a plugin into your browser and it's easy to plugin into Tronscan and Bittorrent websites.

APY chart showing what it does

Websites To Use

Their are a lot of great sites to use to get started. If your Australian then using a website like Coinspot is a great idea, they are instant to deposit and about an hour to withdraw back to your bank.

Another great Australian website is Swyftx. They provide generous rewards and are an easy website to use.

I also use for paying for things via a crypto eftpos card that gives me cashback rewards.

If you want a portfolio manager to keep track of all your amounts and price changes daily, my personal recommendation is Coingecko.

There are a lot of sites out there, you want to start with an exchange like Coinspot, Binance, Kraken etc then once you connect your card and buy it, start moving into personal wallets and interact with web3 sites to start staking it and make a return on your money.

Coingecko Portfolio Screenshot

Incoming Bull Run

Cryptocurrency always runs in cycles. We had a big drop this past year before it leveled out. Now that is over, a lot of people suspect the new bull run is beginning for the start of 2024. It's a good time to get in since many websites are now incorporating cryptocurrency payments into their sites.

We will most likely see gradual steady raises in Bitcoin which will lead to all the other smaller coins increasing along with it.

My Current Picks

So far my favourite coin picks as as follows

  • Bitcoin

  • Ethereum

  • Tron

  • Bittorrent

  • Chronos

  • XRP

  • Stellar

I have noticed very consistent gains with these. Tron is one of the safer ones and is good for transporting coins very fast along websites. Bitcoin is more the steady player like ASX is in a normal stock market. Bittorrent is a longer shot but well worth the buy since it's company has continued to make improvements. Chronos is the coin for and is generously given out as rewards for using their card. XRP is at the foremost battle with the SEC and Stellar is a quicker version of XRP that is also worth checking out.

I believe these coins make a good starter portfolio for new people.

Crypto Coins Promo Pic


Overall this is just a quick beginners guide to get up and going, and now at the time of posting this on 7th December 2023, I believe now is going to mark some great returns coming forwards.

We have seen companies constantly keep adding to it, and digital currency is becoming the future.