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The History of Eggy's Games

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Welcome to the full history of how Eggy's Games began. Lets dive in.

The Beginning

When I was only 15 years old I was in high school spose to be working on whatever boring ass assignment I had. Instead I chose to rush the work and get a quick B- and then start messing around in Flash that was installed on every computer luckily for me. It started off with making some really really really bad Flash animations. I learned how to animate frame by frame and make simple stick death animations. Eventually I got good enough to start to submit some basic ones to Newgrounds like Blue Stick Slaughter.

A screenshot of the blue stick slaughter animation

After that I started copying and pasting Actionscript 2.0 onto various movieclips in Flash and testing random things. I was basically just a script kiddy to begin with, copying and pasting. Eventually I had a basic character moving left and right....As a teenager you think....Holy shit I'm a goddamn genius. Of course copying and pasting doesn't get you very far, so even though I never originally wanted to code, I found myself forced to slowly learn the basics over the next few years. Before I knew it I had made some very basic terrible games. I was extremely proud. After a bunch of small ones I eventually uploaded my first complete working game to Newgrounds - Soul Fishing which I made with a high school friend that did the art. We made it in Multi-media class when we should have been working. Made on god awful macs with one click mouses at the time.

Soul Fishing Flash Game made by Eggys Games

It was very basic but I was very proud. I had a hand that moved up and down, and it had a basic collision code to destroy the animals. And a game over if too many passed. By completing a full game it gives you as a kid a framework to start to go A-ha, this is how I make a game with a beginning, an end and I upload it. Now I knew how the process works. It was time to work harder. Over the next year through 2006 I made the biggest breakthroughs. I started to learn how code worked with if commands and platformers using -x, -y. This really started to teach me the fundamentals. I released a few small games again but it wasn't until I figured out I could combine a drawing bitmap API with a platformer code I came up with Draw-Play.

Draw-Play Flash Game Screenshot by Eggys Games

By being able to draw the very ground your character moves and jumps on. I had created a brand new style and genre of game at only 17 years old. I uploaded it to Newgrounds after receiving my first ever sponsorship of $300 for it. At that age to earn anything was huge. little did I realise it was worth much more because the game then went viral.

My website jumped in traffic and I was getting thousands of reviews and ratings. I was shocked as the game spread like wildfire through hundreds of sites. Before I knew it, I was frontpaged on Newgrounds. I had already achieved my dream of getting a Flash game on the homepage of my favourite website. I was in shock and on cloud 9. Those couple of years messing around had paid off.

Not long after that I finished High school and had to decide what to do with my life. This was a hard choice. I figured, what's the point of going to college when I can teach myself?

So I made the tough choice to move in with some friends and start making games full time and start asking for higher prices for sponsorship. I hit 18 years old and in between all the drunken partying I finished 7 games that year. Ranging from $500 to $5000 in sponsorships. That's when I knew I could do this full time. I managed to release another viral game called Nodes and then I made a sequel Nodes 2.

The Middle Productive Year

After learning the ropes and securing sponsors with Newgrounds, Kongregate and Armorgames. I started diving into working full time in Flash. I learned as much as I could every day and lived with 2 other friends. This became the hardest year I ever worked, averaging 8 hours a day 6 days a week. I finished 8 games. The Unfair Platformer, Knights Castle, Mouse Under Siege, Enigma, Battle Fish, Stickya Adventurya, The-Egg and Draw-Play 3. I was averaging around $5000 per game in sponsorships, plus advertising revenue that would come in each month around $400 - $500. I wasn't huge yet, but I was working my ass off and the results paid off big time. The Unfair Platformer hit it huge and got played over 50 million times online. It became famous on youtube even to this day. Pewdiepie and other famous youtubers were playing it. I had hit another milestone to be proud of. For the first time in my life at 19 years old I was watching famous youtubers react to my game and love it. I couldn't believe it. Another happiest moment of my life.

The Unfair Platformer played by Pewdiepie on youtube

Burnout and The Changing Landscape

Over the next 3 years I released some more games, however it was at this point I was starting to burn out. I had been working nonstop with rarely any breaks and it was really starting to get to me. Around this time in 2011 I released my last game for a while. I decided to take a long break from making games and focus on myself. It was during this time that Flash was being removed from the internet. This of course slowly dried up my passive income and made things harder for me. I was feeling a little defeated and stepped away instead to take on some other jobs. I moved town, became a poker dealer and just lived a new life for a few years while just maintaining Eggy's Games a little more passively in the background. I made the occasional game here and there over these few years but mostly took a back seat for a while. I decided to release my last ever Flash game in 2017 called Arcalona. It was a huge RPG and the biggest game I had ever made. It did end up being a nightmare to finish but I was proud to say goodbye to Flash with one last big game, that even got converted to HTML5 later.

Arcalona the Flash Game by Eggys Games

Changing From Flash to Unity

Now that Flash had been removed. I decided to challenge myself and take it up a notch. Taking all my art and previous skills I just dived right into learning Unity. It was an uphill battle at first, there was a lot of new things for me to get used to but after persisting, I managed to fully learn Unity and C# in 1 year and Released my first WebGL game known as Eggy's Big Adventure. I decided to return to my roots and start off with a platformer since it was what I was most known for, and I wanted to test Unitys physics engine.

Eggys Big Adventure Screenshot and gameplay

Continuing releasing in Unity

Over the next few years I kept releasing in C# and honing my skills. The good thing about having previously made so many games was that I had a lot of artwork, animations and ideas to draw from. So from 2018 to 2023 I released 5 Unity games. I also had to learn to make things for mobile phones, PC and Steam releases. So not only were they new games to try, but also I had to keep pushing myself and learning. In total I then released Eggys Big Adventure, Eggbot vs Zombies, The Magical Golden Egg, Bouncy Egg and Laser Nodes. I also released 4 of these on Android and then I compiled all my old games into one big Steam package and released it there. Now that I had the ball rolling again, I started branching out to different advertisers and introducing their SDK's to start earning me passive revenue once more but this time it was through Unity games instead of Flash games. Basically I was repeating my same business a 2nd time while not being discouraged from Flash being removed. The good thing is I learned faster and now have multiple languages and skills under my belt. Eventually the passive income started rolling back in per month from my released games.

Crazy Games Feature of 5 Eggys Games all in one screenshot icons

The Big Re-Design In React

Now that I had my game making skills under wraps, it was time to push myself with websites as well. I spent 2023 learning React, Typescript and Next.js. With my new skills I have fully remade Eggy's Games in this new language and was able to install Ruffle so all my old flash games once again worked here on the site. All the Unity games are embedded and I custom coded an Articles section so that I can start sharing all this information and other stuff I learn along the way. If you are reading this, you are on the new re-design of the website and Eggy's Games is now going to push the boundaries further. Now that my game making skills are up to par as well as my website making skills. I'm going to keep improving this site and my games. I will be incorporating a few different ways of making money through advertisers and via my games.

The Future

From here on out I plan a lot of things. This site will keep improving as I add features to it. I want to release more browser games and a full stand alone Steam game that is in the works. Thanks for reading my story and the story of Eggy's Games. Thanks for your support, views and plays. It all helps. Lets hope I can keep releasing games people love and enjoy. Thank you for supporting Eggy's Games. Wish me the best in continuing to make great games and now articles to read;)

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