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Posting About Accomplishments Gets Less Attention Than Selfies

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I always noticed a really sad pattern with social media. Whenever I spent weeks or months working on something and I post about it on social media, I am lucky to even get 3 likes. However if I post a random joke I thought of or a selfie, I can easily get 30-40 likes. The world of social media does not reward what is healthy, but what is appealing to people quickly.

The Great Irony

It's a pretty sad world we live in were we reward some dumb joke I thought of in 5 seconds rather than something that took many months of study, learning, work and applying it. This also applies double for women when she spends many years perfecting her career, only for it to be overthrown by a girl taking a half naked selfie.

The thing is, social media is generally for low attention spans. We generally react to things that trigger us emotionally very fast. This is why short jokes and memes do so well, it gives us that 3 second laugh, dopamine hit and react....then we move on to the next one.

When we see someone post about an accomplishment that took them a long time, usually people have 0 care factor in general for this. Most people won't know how much work goes into things behind the scenes. A simple drawing can take hours, animating something can take days. Releasing the entire video can be weeks. However people only see the finished product and will only ever judge something based on the final product and not the amount of work that went into it.

Painting vs Selfie Likes

Avoid Social Media When Working On Something

Generally it's best to share your progress with your close friends that know how hard you are working on something. If you studied and passed an exam, tell your friend. Social media won't give a flying shit. If you post it on social media you will generally find getting less reacts can be disheartening and make you lose motivation. This is why it's best to keep it to close friends or yourself until you are at the finish line. This is the only time people are "impressed"

If you stop sharing all your micro successes you will also find you stop needing the approval of others. This is a powerful thing because it frees you from caring about the opinion of others. Stop trying to seek others compliments, and instead feel proud of the work yourself. You are, and always will be, your greatest supporter. Find it from within and you won't need the approval of anyone ever again.

Sadly seeking likes on social media

The Jealousy Aspect

As sucky as it is to even mention it, jealously plays a big part in how people will interact with you on Social Media. If someone is annoyed you are getting further ahead in life they may avoid interacting out of spite. People want you to do well, but not better than them. So sometimes not getting much attention can be due to this.

Keeping this in mind, it's not always the case. So don't jump to this conclusion all the time or you will just come across as some petty cringelord saying "It's my haters hating on me yo!" Even though this applies to some people. It won't apply to all of them, sometimes your accomplishment is simply boring.

Jealousy in me yo

Time To Detach

Overall, if you find yourself caring too much about how many likes you get. It's probably time for you to take a break from social media. However it's also fine to sit back and go hey isn't it sad how it's easier to get likes by taking off your clothes than it is by studying for years and posting about passing the bar?

In the end, don't take social media too seriously or you will end up butthurt. No one likes a hurting butt. It feels just like prison.

Food for thought about our sad society my friends. That's just the way it is.