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Our Cat Mochi Erkelens

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I might be quite biased when it comes to this article, but I do truly think our cat Mochi Erkelens is one of the best in the world for many reasons ^_^

Mochi is Hypo-Allergenic

The interesting thing about our cat is that she is good for people with allergies like myself. I have bad cat allergies and get eczema, asthma and hayfever from cats badly. However with Mochi it is different because she makes less of the proteins that causes cat allergies. This protein is known as Fel D 1.

A lot of people assume you are allergic to cat fur because that is what makes you sneeze. This is incorrect, you are allergic to the protein in their saliva and since cats lick themself all the time.....guess where that protein ends up? that's right on the fur. Leading to the misconception.

This is where Siberian Forest Cats are unique, they make way less of this protein than normal cats. So even though they are extremely furry, they are actually hypo-allergenic. Which goes against what most people assume. So at first we were worried, but guess what. I didn't react even with her sleeping on my face! I was so happy I could have a cat for the first time in my life. I didn't even know about all of this until my cat-loving wife did so much research to find this out. If it wasn't for her researching hours, days and weeks of this we would have never known. Finding a specific breeder for them in Western Australia isn't easy either!

Since they are a Russian cat they are extra fluffy to survive in the snow. They love going pyscho at anything moving under a blanket because it triggers instincts of animals hiding in the snow. She is a long way from her original place being in Australia though! so we try keep the house cool with the air-con since she prefers it. She was a $2000 cat and it was worth every single dollar!

Siberian Forest Cat layed out

She Acts Like a Dog

She has a very rare cat personality in the fact she acts like a dog in a cats body. She will play fetch just like a dog, you throw her toy off the bed and she fl off the bed as the fastest blur known to mankind. Slides across our floor like an ice puck, and then snatches the toy and brings it back to us. It's super adorable. Not many cats will do this! She also loves to go for walks on a leash. She loves exploring the forest and Maria loves taking her out to new places. You should see the looks we get for walking a cat! sometimes cars will even slow down and go LOOK IT'S A CAT ON A LEASH OMG! :D When she chews headphones... we tell her off loudly and she likes to give us this look of disapproval -

Siberian Forest Cat annoyed at owner

She is Filled With Love....and Murder

As much as he loves to sleep with my wife every night and be affectionate in the morning, she has just as much murder pulsing through her veins to kill birds. So as much as she is like a dog, she still can't shake those killer instincts.

Siberian Forest Cat plays cute under a jacket

She Loves Food

We all know most cats and dogs like all sorts of food....but wow you would not believe what this cat will eat. As long as it's edible, she will eat it. Most cats don't like vegetables, but she will even eat lettuce, betroot, pumpkin and most others. Along with being spoilt with Salmon, Chicken and Beef she will basically eat anything. The only things she draws the line at is Banana and Onion. But everything else is fair game. So we can't even leave any plates of food out or she is like awwwww yeshhh meoow midnightsss snack boiiiii!! That's when I come out and look at her and she has that guilty look on face and jumps off and runs.

The only time this was a huge pain was when she decided to swallow her actual cat toys thinking they're food and costs us $2000 in vet bills since it was stuck. Thanks Mochi >_> which was the price we paid for her!

Siberian Forest Cat in Toilet Paper bag sleeping

She is Weird But The Love of our Lives

Overall she can be a pain at times, but we wouldn't have it any other way. She brings so much love and joy to me and my wife's life. Buying her was one of the best decisions we ever made and we couldn't imagine life without her.

We do spoil her too much... I mean how many cats sometimes get given freshly cooked salmon? Or lamb shank meat stripped?! I mean oh boy does this cat eat some luxury food, but who could resist that cute face?

She even managed to get featured on a games website. Mochi, be prepared to start signing autographs with paw prints because everyone is going to fall for you.

Mochi, the best cat in the world. Loved by the Erkelens family <3

Now enjoy this photo of her absolutely hating us trying to get a family Christmas photo with her!

Siberian Forest Cat Christmas and hating its life