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Marrying The Love of My Life

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As I sat on the couch nervously awaited heading towards the wedding. I was still in shock and a little shaky with nerves. This day was the day I married the love of my life. I knew deep down it was the best decision and most important one I would ever make. Of course the nerves still hit you like a train. Nothing else was important as we waited to leave.

I'll tell you, it might be the most nerve racking thing getting married, but when I saw her walking down the aisle. All of those nerves vanished in an instant. I was watching the most beautiful and most amazing girl I had ever met walk towards me, and a feeling of calm washed over me. I knew this was meant to be, and it was finally happening. I knew I would never forget this moment.

My brother says I had a huge shit-eating grin on my face and he looked at me with adoration because he knew how happy I was. He said at the reception to me "That was the happiest I have ever seen you" and I said "It definitely was. I knew I had met the most perfect woman for me and I couldn't be happier"

Bradley Erkelens Wedding Day Happy Smile

First Date

We first met outside a sushi bar and we decided to sit outside and eat some sushi together. On that day I was just being myself and I pulled the finger at the wasabi and destroyed a piece with a chopstick. At this point most girls might think...what the hell is wrong with this guy? but instead she found it hilarious and loved it. We started to relax and realise we had great chemistry. She seemed to find all my lame jokes funny, we didn't have many awkward silences and we just clicked. After that we got some drinks and played pool and it was overall a perfect first date.

Bradley Erkelens and Maria Erkelens in Perth

Why Maria is Perfect in Her Own Way

Maria truly is perfect in her own way. She is kind, funny, caring and the most loving person you will ever meet. She wears her heart on her sleeve, so she will be the most empathetic person you will ever meet. Her heart is so big that she will cry even when I have to kill a mouse or spider in the house. (So now I avoid doing it!) of course sometimes your biggest strength in life can also be your weakness since she feels everything so much deeper than the average person. A lot of people can be cold and uncaring with these small things, but not Maria. She feels them strongly and they hit her hard. This may make her life harder at times, but it's also what makes her the most lovable person you will ever meet in your life. You can't help but fall for her endearing presence.

Many times she doubts herself and feels down because of it. The truth is she is a lot stronger than she even realises. She has been through things that no person should ever have to experience. Instead of becoming a horrible human from it, instead it made her 10x more of a nice person. A lot of people when put through abusive pasts can become bitter, angry, jaded and hateful and take that anger out on everyone. Instead she carries it around as a heavy weight and instead turns it into love for the people and animals around her. This makes me so proud of her even if she doubts herself, she doesn't realise how strong of a person this truly makes her. Those past experiences would normally break anyone else immediately.

Maria Erkelens Panic Mode

Maria Featured Above Trying Not to Cry! :3

She Loves Animals

She has the biggest heart you will ever know for animals. From every single animal you can think of she loves. Every dog we see walking she has to stop and go "OOOOKIES!" it's one of her most admirable qualities. The fact that every animal makes her start gushing her heart out. She had to develop her own word to let those emotions out. She has owned almost every animal you can think of at some point. The fact that I was highly allergic to most animals and she still wanted to marry me, shows how much of an amazing woman making sacrifices for me. These things make me feel guilty, but she reassures me it's worth it. However we managed to compromise and find animals I wasn't allergic to like our Siberian Forest Cat Mochi.

Maria Erkelens Feeds a Baby Lamb

The Most Loving Partner

She is very different to other girls I have met. First of all she is Greek. Their culture is very different to Australians. They can be very honest and upfront. They don't take any shit and they get very passionate about the subjects they are into. This makes for an amazing wife because there was never any games or messing around. She was upfront from the start she liked me, and so was I. We have a completely honest relationship, theres never any need to hide anything or worry because we always manage to talk things through and get through the other side of any problems that come our way.

She has always supported me completely when it comes to game development and coding. Maria will surprise me with random snacks or love notes. Will kiss me out of nowhere and show me so much affection I almost don't know what to do! I have never experienced so much love poured out to me that sometimes I wonder if this is real?! how did I get so lucky? I wonder this every day. Each day I wake up she looks down at me and says her cute words like OGEEEEEEE and my heart melts all over again like it was the first time we started dating again.

Maria Erkelens Loving Grab of Bradley Erkelens

Our Future

From the first date through to our wedding day, we have made things work between us. We have moved places, gotten married, adopted animals, bought a Siberian, overcome obstacles and continue to shower each other with love and support.

Sometimes in life you just know even when things seem bad, we will overcome them together. I will always have her back forever till the day we grow old together. There will always be problems ahead, but I am confident with her by my side, and me by her side we will overcome them together.

We can hold hands on the porch in our rocking chairs and look at each and say, we may have made some mistakes in life, but you will never be one of them. You were the best decision I ever made. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Maria Erkelens, I love you my darling wife <3

Maria and Bradley Erkelens Wedding Kiss Leant over