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Chess Is Still The Best

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Over the years I have played a lot of games. I mean I am a gamer at heart, that's what you begin as before becoming a Game Developer. Over the hundreds of games I've played through the years there is only one game that I still play and has stood the test of time and that's.....Chess.

I have always been drawn to competitive games. Over the years I have been addicted to CS 1.6, CSGO, Dota 2, Fortnite and Halo as my go to competitive games. Though even after all these years I still find myself returning to Chess. I reached Ancient rank in Dota 2 before calling it quits. I was pretty proud of that, the game is damn hard and eventually at that level it honestly begins to feel more like work than it does enjoyment. Dota 2 gets very complex which is why I loved it so much.

Dota 2 Screenshot

I usually get addicted to one game at a time. After that it was good ol fashioned CS:GO. I carved out a name for myself as Eggy the Negev Master. You can find some of my videos on youtube where I used the worst gun in the game to amass lots of kills to the bemusement of everyone else. It had a stat track killing log of 41,000 kills. People were shocked. Yep I played a looooot.

Eggys Negev of Pain Killing Weaklings

But even after all this I would return to chess. The game that has so many possibilities it will take a lifetime to learn. The thing that always amazes me is it was a perfectly released game. To this day we don't release patches or updates to it like we do with all our other flawed games (Cough Cough Cyberpunk Cough) How is it possible a game made hundreds of years ago was so complex and good it stood the test of time?!

Chess Puzzle..Hard to Solve!?

Can you solve the above puzzle? Whites Turn!

I weirdly find playing chess in-between programming helps to kind of "wake up" my brain. It gets you thinking to the point you're like.....well shit I think programming is easier than this at this point so I mise well get back to work? Hah!

My ELO is still taking work. So I still have a lot to learn. Sometimes you need to keep studying openings and theory to make progress. Which can again feel like work.

One thing that always motivates me is my dad always beating me as a kid, so I need to work harder to beat him. It's pretty funny when I beat my dad, he cracks the shits and leaves. So that really inspires you to get better, just so I can keep seeing him get so angry.

It's a game that everyone should learn in their lifetime. It teaches you problem solving and strategy. It's very good for a persons brain to develop and even maintain into old age!

Watch The Queens Gambit, and start playing on You might find you have a love for it.

Checkmate, Biatch.

Harmon from The Queens Gambit giving THE EYES