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Boycotting Doesn't Work

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I've always found boycotting to be quite a strange thing to do. Especially when it's related to politics. It very rarely makes a huge difference in the long run. Specially since boycotting things usually raises more awareness for it in the news leading to greater sales numbers.

One of the recent ones was Hogwarts Legacy. The game was tied to J.K Rowlings views on trans people on twitter. The thing is though, the developers of the game were an independent crew. J.K Rowling had basically no input into the game. In fact she is becoming further and further from her own creation.

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The irony of people boycotting against this game, is that the game got way more media presence then it normally would have. This lead to more people checking out the game just to see what all the fuss was about.

The game featured a trans person as the bartender. This was to show support and the developers were showing they had no issue with it. The biggest irony? The game was basically a generic open world game. I don't think the game would have even got half the sales it got without all the boycotting.

In the end the boycotting actually helped boost these sales, it got people to play it that normally wouldn't have.

If you truly hate something, the best thing you can do is usually forget about it and not mention it anymore. Having no people talk about your product will kill it faster than debating over it. This is why media channels will post clickbait and stir an argument in the comments to generate more engagement.

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The reality above all else, is there is actually no way you could boycott everything that did something you disagreed with. Every single food company for example is owned under 5 giant umbrella corps that are responsible for all sorts of things like under paying workers, exploiting cheap labour, gouging prices and not to mention all the different political views of all these different CEO's and managers. There is a high chance all of these people have different political views to you. So unless you live on a farm and are self sustaining, chances are you will always be purchasing an item from someone who disagrees with your views. That's just life sadly. That's just good ol fashioned crappy capitalism.

Hogwarts Legacy was probably the better of all Harry Potter games released so far, but I did find the game a little tedious with the puzzles and the combat a bit too easy. Overall I give the game a 6 out of 10 eggs. Feel free to share this article on Facebook and say you are boycotting Eggy's Games. It will really help me get more page views :)