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Venturing Into The Fun and Silly Creation Of Smithys Quest

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This game was quite simple gameplay wise, I mostly was focused on creating lots of funny jokes while delivering it in a cute wholesome looking cartoon styled game. Even though it was anything but wholesome. Lets dive in behind the scenes of our game Smithys Quest

Smithys Quest Characters from the Flash Game.

Gameplay and Goal

The game is quite a simple find and collect tick off puzzle game. You talk to people and find out what items they need and grab them to give to the right people. This sets off a sequence of events that leads to the last item and finishing the game. It sounds simple, and it is. It's more about enjoying the comedy along the way.

A funny fact is I used my friends email in the game as a joke and he got so much spam email he had to change his email. He was pretty pissed off. I probably shouldn't do that ever again, I underestimated how much spam he would get from people curious if it's real.

Funny Email prank for my friend as a kid

References and Jokes Everywhere

The game is full of little trivia and jokes. One of my favourite and the one people always mentioned is I put in Michael Jackson and the implication about the child issue scandals he was involved in at the time. Tacky? perhaps. Funny at the time? debatable. Shock value? definitely.

Flash Game scene with Michael Jackson

Hopefully I don't get sued one day for this

Another inside joke is pressing spacebar on all the rocks. Every single rock has a unique joke to it. Overall there is about 30 of them. That's a lot of dumb rock jokes, it just shows if the player wants to do it they get rewarded with a joke about the rock obsession.

Smithys Quest Rock Spacebar Funny Jokes


Overall I had a lot of fun making this game. It was simple and easy to do so it let me focus on making in appropriate jokes which is just a favourite hobby of mine.

The best thing to come from this game in the long term was the NPC's though. They were lovable characters I have been able to reuse in older games. This game landed me another $4000 sponsorship by Armorgames and once again I was able to afford eggs to eat all day long.

Introduction to Smithys Quest

This game may not be perfect, but it's a favourite classic of mine from long ago.

Hope you enjoy the rock humour in Smithys Quest.