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The Rabbits Revenge Plot on Mankind

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In the future one sole rabbit is responsible for the entire downfall of human civilization. Lets find out what happened.

The Great Boba Escape

Before he was a general, one sole little rabbit named Boba was actually a rabbit used in the experiments of makeup companies. Horrible makeup companies known as Skank-On and Hoe-ified. Every day Boba would come up in rashes and eczema from the cosmetics they would test on him. Every day Boba went to bed angry plotting his revenge.

Luckily for Boba, the night guard on duty in the complex always loved to watch Kung-Fu movies. What the company didn't know was that Boba was a high IQ super intelligent bunny. He was born with an IQ 3 times higher than any known human. This meant he could learn and asborb knowledge simply by watching. He would train for hours every night in his head. Every move, every combo. Every possible outcome.

One day when the usual scientist came over to put the daily dose of Hoe Lipstick version 0.87. The bunny let the hand come in, that's when he broke the guys finger. The man screamed and tried to pull his arm back. But Boba had it in a lock, he pulled the mans hand further in, grabbed the mans neck and snapped it with his teeth and little paw. He timed it right so the keys on the mans wrist launched upwards in a diagonal trajectory. Landing right into the cage. Boba had the keys, and he was free.

Kung Fu Bunny Attacks

The Years of Underground Planning

After Boba escaped he lived years in the forest gathering materials and building his underground lair. He recruited many bunnies and equipped them with a microchip that increased their intelligence to his.

Boba assumed the rank of general. One day one of his lieutenants had stolen his carrot sandwhich. He was furious and demanded someone speak up. A bun bun known as Jerry said -"it was me... so what?" in such a carefree manner. Boba hopped over to him and he said "ya know what Jerry you're right it's not a big deal" as he went to step away he did a full 180 kick that decapitated Jerry instantly. Boba smirked and finished his sentence "Yeah not a big deal if YOU'RE HEADLESS HAHAHA"

The other bunnys started to fall in line.

Evil bunny laughing as his plan gets ready to unfold

Time for War

It was time. Boba had perfected his fighting serum to inject himself and turned himself into a boss. Literally.

The sound trembled as Boba the evil bunny boss and millions of bunnys with weapons charged out of the forest. They swept over the land stabbing, looting and killing any human they came across.

A young boy named Billy remembers as the bunny army swept over the world and he saw his own grandpa stabbed to death by 58 rabbits at the same time as they swarmed him like a hive. Billy sat there scared and crying as he watched the bunnies murder everyone in sight.

Bunny Army Charging The World

Cute or Death

Cities woke to chaos. Reports flooded in about inexplicable animal attacks. The world was baffled by the inexplicable assault orchestrated by woodland creatures. Panic spread like wildfire, and nations scrambled to defend against the unexpected onslaught.

But just as hope began to dwindle, a young girl named Lily, with her keen understanding of animals, sensed an imbalance in nature's order. Armed with empathy and a determination to restore peace, Lily embarked on a quest to confront Boba and his army.

Guided by her bond with creatures great and small, Lily navigated through perilous forests and treacherous terrains. Her heart filled with compassion, she understood the darkness corrupting the once-innocent animals.

Boss Fight

Lily came face to face with Boba, she reached out her hand to bond with him. His eyes widened as he felt her loving embrace. His gaze softened and he thought for a split second maybe... just maybe he should stop this hostile takeover and senseless killing against the humans, maybe it was wrong and he shouldn't do it....

Then he thought.....Nah. He broke Lilly's neck and left her lifeless body in the woods and carried on the global domination and killed every human being that ever existed.