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The Origins and Success of The Unfair Platformer

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The Unfair Platformer was my most successful game of all time. It got played over 50 million times online and was featured on every games website at the time.

Idea and Conception

When I decided to make the game it was based off my old game design burn out. I was tired of making platformer tutorials. I was tired of making things get progressively easier. I was tired of making levels be intuitive. So I was like alright how about I throw every rule known about platformer game design out the window and just do the opposite. Instead piss people off. I didn't realise it at the time but it was about to be a great success.

The Unfair Platformer This is A Trap Level Section

Before I had any graphics, it was just a stick figure, some invisible boxes, the spiked boxes and my most famous "this is a trap" text. I piss myself laughing almost any time someone falls for it. It might be my most proudest level design of all time, so simple but so devious. Your brain will automatically gravitate to believing it.

I sent the basic prototype to some friends and they were loving it, they're like dude this is hilarious! you need to make this into a full game. So.... I did.


The game was received so well it went viral everywhere. The part I loved the most is that it went viral on youtube. It got played by Pewdiepie first and this spawned many famous youtubers to play it.

PewDiePie Raging at The Unfair Platformer

It then got played by Rage Quit (RoosterTeeth), MarkPlier, JJOlatunki, JackScepticEye and many many more!

Watching all these famous youtubers and other people play my game and rage was one of the best feelings I have ever had as a game designer. To this day if I tell you that programming is hard, artwork and animation is hard, designing is a nightmare and all the things you need to learn in the end are worth it just to get that amazing feeling of people playing your game just the way you designed it.

To this day I like to show friends and family these videos saying seeing these people get angry?! I did that! that's me causing their anger! Huzzah!

I even got emails from people telling me to go die for making it :D I was laughing every time I got hate mail, it makes such a great story to tell.

Suiciders Jump in The Unfair Platformer Adobe Flash

Learning Lessons

One of the great learning lessons you can take away from this game is you don't have to always follow strict game design principles to make a popular game. In fact trying to break the box and push the boundaries into new territory can create an entire new genre. Around the time I released this was other games very similiar I didn't know about till later. Like Cat Mario and IWTBTG. Some people said I copied them but I had no idea they existed until after I released The Unfair Platformer and people started comparing it to them.

Remember to break game design rules! Explore and experiment!

The Unfair Platformer Youtube Popularity

Leaving a Legacy

The hardest part now after releasing it, is many of my other games did not get anywhere near as viral or make as much money. That is why I didn't make a sequel for so long, I wanted to make sure I was a decent game designer by releasing other concepts. It also isn't that fun releasing sequels of games.

Hopefully one day I get around to making a sequel.

If you have raged at the game, thanks for playing ;)