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Taking a Peek Behind The Development of Knights Castle

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Knights Castle was one of those games that had all the bones of a good game there right at the tip of your fingertips but perhaps fell a little bit flat in the end. However the enemies in the game were so greatly drawn and animated that they were used in multiple other games like Arcalona and The Magical Golden Egg.

Knights Castle Flash Game Screenshot

Main Idea and The Gameplay

I still enjoy playing this to this day. You are a knight with spells and talents to defend against the horde of enemies that come towards the castle as you control your guy. There were some nice little touches added like deflecting spells back at the mages if you timed it right. Also some interesting skill tree spells like casting fireballs and meteors. If you start to get the rhythm down pack, you can make good progress.

Knights Castle Screenshot from the Flash Game

Spell Tree

Who doesn't love a spell tree. My spell trees were starting to slowly improve, I was still young and dumb at the time so it's still not fully thought out, but sometimes that can add to the charm of trying out what a game is like when it's only half assed. Remember in life you shouldn't half ass 2 things. You should whole ass one thing ~ Ron Swanson

My favourite was laying down fuel barrels and then igniting them with the fireball.

Tech Tree Flash Game

The ending abilities were basically just god wiping spells. So the idea really was to survive until you could use them. While constantly healing and dodging. The main issue with the game is their was no save function which really angers the players after you die once. I should have put some better progression in that sense.

Mass Enemies

The main thing this game shines in, is the sheer amount of enemies and animations in it. There was 13 in total, each with a walk, attack and death animation. It doesn't sound like a lot but it can add up fast. The great thing is they were so well drawn that they have been reused in lots of my future games. They are still my favourite drawings to this day for Eggys Games and will continue to be improved and used. I just want to do them justice one day.

All Characters in Flash Game Knights Castle

Recieved Okayish

At the time this game got sponsored by Armorgames and got a straight up $6000 which was very nice, especially because it was USD and the exchange rate for my country ends up being over $11,000. The money up front was decent and the game got a few million plays. So overall it was a success. It took me about 2 months of development. Keep in mind I was working my ass off every day to reach that time.

I look back on Knights Castle fondly, it's rough around the edges and I would redo a lot of aspects about it, but overall the core gameplay is still fun.

Hope you all enjoyed playing Knights Castle ^_^