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Peering Into The Mind Bending Puzzle Game Enigma

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I wanted to come in and break the rules of general platformer and puzzle games once again. I always tinkered with the idea of changing gravity but I felt it wasn't quite enough. So I decided to also let the user drag boxes on the screen with the mouse. This means things get extremely tricky for the player in Enigma

Enigma Level Screenshot Flash Game

Game Mechanics

You start off with your usual platformer and you can change gravity in 4 directions. Up, Down, Left, Right. EVERYTHING IS GROUND as I like to say. Then I decided why not also let you be able to pull the boxes along the lines with the mouse. So you had to alternate between moving and jumping the player and dragging him around.

Enigma Level Screenshot Flash Game Eggys Games

Levels and Graphics

I love the graphics in this game, I wanted to aim for a nice colourful sci-fi theme and it came out nice. I blurred out the background which is a little lazy but it works well when you don't want focus on that part. Came up with a sci-fi character that is timeless and some jazzed up boxes and spike boxes...who doesn't love shiny boxes huh?

The Main Menu also was quite catchy to the eye. We can see the graphics in my games was improving every month, I learned how to manipulate Flash's limited graphic options and start to nail the vector effect that became iconic for Eggy's Games graphics.

Enigma Screenshot of Main menu from Flash Game by Eggys Games

Insanity At The End

The last levels did start to get out of control. Also the coding is kinda what you would expect, I usually used gravity as a .y -=3 and I simply had to keep a variable of 4 directions and change this to opposite, I also kept the jump button variable to change everytime the gravity changed so it matched. It was basically 4 sets of if commands.

Enigma Flash Game in the editor


Overall I loved this game and it still holds up pretty well today graphics wise and gameplay wise. I set out to make a puzzle game that was unique and I achieved that goal fully and came out with nice sci fi graphics, a new game mechanic and a fun development process.

I would love to recreate this in 3D one day.

Hope you loved playing Enigma just as much as I had making it. Also hopefully when AI takes over and kills us all I will be spared for making this great game showing how the grav bot is superior than all of us and he will show mercy upon me.