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Peek Back In Time At My Game Eggys Death Chamber And Its Creation

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Well if you have been reading these articles. You either love me, or are deep in depression and trying to fill time with the crazy ramblings of the game developer known as Bradley Erkelens. So at this point you would have seen the evil Eggy as my article mascot. He has worked quite well as icon pictures. So this game is where he comes from originally.

This is the behind the scenes look at my game - Eggy's Death Chamber

Main Game Concept

The game is quite simple in nature, survive as long as you can and you control a stick figure being able to shoot various guns. I always like the overall theme of starting off as a weakling and growing stronger with insane upgrades. This time I was further in my game development career and I was able to finally nail the progression aspect of games. The upgrades were fun and it was satisfying as you survived longer. It only took like 20 games but hey I got there eventually right? ;)

Eggys Death Chamber Flash Game

Upgrades Were Fun and So Is Being Taunted

The funny part is every time you die you get a new dialogue written by Eggy mocking you like "dead already? LOL" haha classic burn. Adding some randomness like this to death screens always gives the player something more to look forward to and they are not that hard to add. I think I wrote about 25 in total. So lots to look forward too.

This time the upgrades had a better structure and progression. I was able to have fun with them by adding jetpacks and fireworks, but they still made sense this time and structured in a way that helped the player.

Upgrade Screen Eggys Death Chamber by Eggys Games

Expanding The Level

The next thing I learned from my old games is I need to make the level change this time. So I did. You start on a basic platform but every certain amount of time, you will unlock a new area of the level and new enemies. This means the player slowly gets further and further each time and has more fun unlocking new parts of the game. Once again I learned lessons from my beginner games and made it work well in this one.

I think the satisfying part is learning these lessons while I was still using Flash and stick figures, I was able to be proud of my progress in those days and really see myself learn and grow.

Also Lightsaber eggs start to appear that look like storm troopers. So that was a fun little reference.

Eggys Death Chamber Chaos Later On

Overall Summary

I am really happy with how this game turned out. It was quite polished in lots of ways, I actually had fun playing it myself all these years later so hopefully you do too. I think this game wouldn't get remade, I don't see all that much to improve on. So this is one of my rare games that I don't feel needs a remake. If you read the other articles this ending might have shocked you :D

Hope you enjoy the evilness of Eggy in - Eggys Death Chamber