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My Own Personal Review Of My Game Battle Fish!

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Making the game Battle Fish was really fun. I always have a personal preference for taking a small cute harmless animal and then proceeding TO GIVE HIM GUNS IMMEDIATELY FOR DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!

Various Game Mechanics

This game actually has a lot of different mechanics put together. You can give bubbles from the bottom of screen to give them health, and drop bombs at the top of the screen to hurt enemies. Also the longer you hold, the bigger the bubbles and bombs gets. Was an interesting and fun way to deliver various resources.

On top of that you can drop a sonar on the screen so your fish reverse away from it. This means you only have semi control over your fish, so adds that element of randomness on top of a little bit of nudges.

Battle Fish Screenshot 1 Flash Game Eggys Games

The Loadout

As the game progresses you can buy more fish so increasing your chances of surviving the wave. If at least one fish survives you win the wave and all fish respawn. This was a good idea, the only downside is players really wanted a save option so I really should have invested in some re-playability and progression there.

I really am a fan of the shop, the art work is sublime and really goes well with everything. If I was to remake this game there's a good chance I would keep the menu UI almost the same! I also allowed you to rename fish to anything you wanted which is always fun. It was a lot of fun attaching different weapons to the fish and watching to see how they would do.

Battle Fish Flash Game Eggys Games

My wife and cat re-incarnated as fish!

Battle Fish Guns

When I Made It

I actually made this game when I visited my grandpa in Darwin, Australia. I was inspired by all the random fish around and decided to jump right in. I was only about 19 I think at the time? and my grandpa was quite impressed I finished this game in 2 weeks at his computer while on holiday.

Overall it's great to have the game as a reminder of the good times visiting my grandpa. It's always interesting that you work on a game so long it becomes associated with various memories of certain periods of your life.

Battle Fish Flash Game Screenshot 3


Overall the game did well for it's time period and made some money to fund my holidays. I would love to remake this now in Unity. I could add realistic water, have the guns shooting properly with linecast, I could really make it feel immersive and it would work well on mobile.

Lots of potential here for the future as a remake version!

Hope you enjoyed Battle Fish!