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My Older Puzzle Game The Egg got Remade Into Bouncy Egg

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Ages ago I made this simple puzzle game of bouncing The Egg into the basket. Eventually later down the track I got time to redo it as a fully fledged Unity game with Dynamic shadows and physics. It's always a great feeling seeing you progress a game into new technology.

Lets dive into The Egg and Bouncy Egg

The Egg Flash Game Screenshot

The Egg original

Bouncy Egg Screenshot

The Bouncy Egg Remake

Original Game Concept - The Egg

It started off with a simple egg that falls and you have to bounce it into the basket. In the Flash version I use psuedo physics, it means I'm simply manipulating the X and Y position manually so it always falls down and then I add to that velocity variable with angled springs and walls. The thing about this was they always add a constant speed. Meaning it only mimmicks physics but if you keep playing you might notice the Flash version never has much change in speed, meaning it will always act the same and physics doesn't work like that.

The Egg Gameplay Screenshot Flash Game by Eggys Games

The game design was very basic with black and white but it worked at the time and landed a nice Armorgames sponsorship.

The game overall was static though. However it still has some hidden gems. I actually let you customize your egg and if you choose the Rick Astley one you get taken to the youtube and Rick Rolled. The amazing thing is, it still works to this day because the original youtube URL remains intact. Thanks youtube.

Rick Roll Easter Egg

Time To Remake It As - Bouncy Egg

Now 10 years later after that release it was time to remake it with a shiny new take. I booted up Unity and away I went. First I changed the graphics to use the ones from an old game called Bounce Madness. The style fit, because I was able to put shadows on everything using Unitys URP system. It was quite awesome. It instantly changes it from static vector to dynamic graphics that feel realistic.

Also now with the powerful Unity editor I was able to add a physics system. Now the game got what it truly deserved, a fully working physics engine so you can bounce the egg around properly, shoot it into black holes and launch it off springs. The end result came out as a fun little physics experiment and I loved it.

Bouncy Egg Unity Game Screenshot

Reception and Summary

I also decided to go fully open source now to help others out. You can view the entire source here > Source Code for Bouncy Egg

The game is especially popular on websites like CrazyGames, it's already amassed 600,000 plays on that website along. Which makes it a smashing success for me. It now brings in daily ad revenue. So I can afford to buy and eat more eggs. The only real goal people should have in life.

I also managed to get a lot better with my UI skills, managing to gel a clean and nice mix of Flash graphics and Unity UI systems

Bouncy Egg Level Select on Eggys Games

Overall Revamping this game in Unity was a giant success and it's really satisfying to look at and see people play the game.

Go play Bouncy Egg NOW!