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My First Ever Unity Game Was Eggy's Big Adventure

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After releasing 28 Flash games in my life. It was time to move onto Unity. The first thing I did was make an entire new platformer game. My whole life platformer games have always made the most sense to me from a game design perspective. So the best way to learn a new language and program at the same time was to make one. Thus, Eggy's Big Adventure was created.

Main Idea and The Character

We started off with my traditional Eggy character. What better way to start a new path in life with my favourite mascot. He always works so great in platformers because when he jumps he turns into a rotating egg, this means you can use it in almost any situation making it perfect for a "catch all" type platformer situation. I also used the artwork from an old Flash game called Last Egg Alive. This game was a simple Flash game that I was able to now really bring to life in Unity. Fun fact you won't find the link to this Flash game on my site. It's a hidden easter egg.

Eggys Big Adventure Screenshot

The great thing is along the way I was able to test almost all the physics systems in Unity. I had circle bouncy objects, I had objects swinging on chains, I had bouncing, sliding and springs. I experimented with rolling boulders and platforms that could rotate. I put in bubbles ...and more. Remember that Bubbles can be used in any game!

Bubbles Eggys Big Adventure Screenshot

Getting Into Unity

The best thing by far right off the bat in Unity was being able to use C# classes and drag them onto the character. This reminded me of the old Flash game style of movieclips. But instead we call them prefabs in Unity. This means you can reuse any object simply by spawning it on screen from your library. On top of this I could manage my player physics class along with drag and drop components from Unitys custom library. This was awesome.

Straight away I could do so much with this system. It does take a fair bit of learning to begin with to feel comfortable. You will have to do a bit of tutorials on learning where to find everything and what to use. This is always the growing pains of new engines that ultimately you just have to get used of. Even the simple parts can take a while.


I was able to create simple classes like CameraFollow.cs that you can drag on the camera and reuse in any game

Camera Follow

Challenges Faced

The main issue with Unity is browser companies are not the biggest fan of WebGL exports. They can get big very fast and not always compatible with everything out the box. You may have to do some custom HTML editing especially around framing your game to get it to work, you also need to make custom API's if they do not have their own SDK available.

Boss Fight

I had a lot of fun coming up with this cute boss you fight. It's always difficult in platformers to make an interesting boss but I thought this guy really fit in with the theme and you could push TNT onto him to explode bits of him and slowly eat away at him!

Eggys Big Adventure Boss Fight

Overall Great First Game

Making my first game did turn out very well and made me go on to make much more Unity games. Choosing a small project is always key to getting comfortable in any program. So I chose something that was perfect for me and went for it and it was a success.

The game did decently online, it doesn't spread quite as fast as my old Flash games however there was a lot of websites that provide ad revenue if you do their SDK like Poki and Crazygames.

The game itself came out just how I wanted. A nice homage to the older Flash graphics but with a modernized feel with the new physics engine. I was able to do things that were out of my reach before, so the new tools are amazing to have!

I made the game open source so you can view the full game code at my github. Hopefully it helps you make your own games and see how I did it -

Eggys Big Adventure Github Repo

EggysBigAdventure Screenshot Unity

Hope you have a lot of fun playing Eggys Big Adventure :)