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I Finished Assassins Creed Odyssey....Finally

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Even though the game has been out for over 5 years I finally got around to playing it and I have to say it's been one of my favourites in the past few years. It's biggest pull is the fact it's Greek and since I'm married to a Greek woman, it made it more interestingly having her watching and being able to tell me what the people were saying when speaking in Greek, and she could share information about the map.

Assassins Creed Odyssey


Assassins Creed games were always known for really nailing the gameplay and making it fun. It's smooth, fluid and very responsive. You never feel like things are too slow when fighting because their is always something to do. This stays true in Odyssey.

Where the game really shines is the Greek Mythology. Nearly all the details are accurate, including the map. Greece is known for it's many islands and you get to visit nearly all of them. Except for Rhodes Island which is ironically where my wife is from. She was not happy it wasn't included! Oopsie!

As most lvling games go, you do run into what I call "The Hump" issue. From a game developer point of view it's hard to fix. What I mean by this is, things are increasingly hard, until you pass the hump part. Once you pass this mid section of being lvled up the game then becomes too easy. Unless you really...really..........really suck at putting your points in the right areas.

The points system is very well done though. Unlocking new abilities was always satisfying and kept me happy and keen to spend them. I leaned more towards chaos and fighting rather than stealth so most of my points when into that. So much for being a assassin huh? I was more like a heavy footed killing machine of death. Oh....unless you count like the first guy I stealth kill before making it a fun 1v40 battle :D

AC Talent System for points


You get a choice between playing as Alexios or Kassandra. Now I went Alexios and I gotta say my main boy does not discriminate between who he has sex with. Doesn't matter if it's a man, woman, grandma, goat or 1900 X series combine harvester. The dude has no limits. None whatsoever. What can I say? Alexios great Greek penis just can't be stopped at all.

The fun part about the game is hunting down the cult members, this was really well done and blended nicely into the main storyline. Allowing me the side missions of hunting them down and encouraging me to explore more. I loved that about the game.

Alexios cannot be stopped


The thing about this game is it really nails the small details that make it great. The way the boat moves on the waves, the way the player interacts with his environment. The bits of Greek lore scattered through the game. All the interesting landmarks you can explore. It even has a history mode that gives you real information about each area. I loved it and it really gave you as a gamer a good experience of Greece without being there.

The map itself is really fun to explore. Probably the hardest achievement to finish was finding every underwater area. Theres a lot scattered around and oh boy do the sharks get annoying.

Assassins Creed Map

Overall Rating

The game itself is amazing with so many side quests to do for the famous Herotodos, Socrates, Hippokrates and Testikles (hahaha)

The game teaches you so much about Greek lore, it's very fun and I give this game a 9 out of 10.

The graphics are also still amazing to this day.

Definitely a must play in your lifetime.

Assasins Creed Odyssey Gameplay