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Examining the Development Journey of Silly Chicken

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In a way this game took on elements of the creative process behind Super Joe. I decided to keep trying to expand on the original game idea as much as I could and threw together a cute little journey about a chicken.

Main Idea

You start off as a chicken who escaped his pen to find his online girlfriend. The main core mechanic of the game was being able to drop an egg bomb that would explode. This allowed you to break open boxes in your way, destroy TNT, and kill enemies. I was able to expand on this mechanic later by adding in springs so you could do a fly over bombing.

A screenshot from Eggys Game Silly Chicken

However the game really stands out from the silly little mini games I threw in. I put in a pokemon battle and even a part where you have to type to your online girlfriend so it was a typing minigame writing cringe msgs.

Pokemon Battle scene from the silly chicken game

Once again, this game was where I was just having fun making a game with random ideas. Sometimes I like to make this stuff just to see how it would turn out, I didn't really care wether the game was successful or not. It of course wasn't that viral, but that doesn't mean I regret it. Sometimes you just gotta make things for fun and enjoy the creative process. Sometimes I think "I am wondering what game I'll make just as much as my players"

Silly Chicken Screenshot

Summary and Ending

One mistake I made in this game was using a pixelated sprite for the chicken rather than the vector graphics I normally use. It was an idea at trying to mix 2 styles. It....almost...worked. However it just doesn't feel like it mixes at the end of the day. I would say that's my main regret. Interestingly later when I made a Unity game called The Magical Golden Egg I used the same "escape the pen" start as I did for this game, the game didn't do that great either so perhaps I really need to give up on this idea hah!

Silly Chicken Flying Bird

If you can make it far enough you get to vs the CRAGEN. The ultimate chicken boss that can shoot lasers and bomb the ground. It's probably the best part of the game and sadly it's at the end.

Sometimes as a developer you it sad if the best part is at the end and no one will see it? hmmm.

Eggys Games Boss

Feel free to explore the cute game Silly Chicken Here