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Diving Into The Creative Process of Heli vs Tower

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Ah an old classic Flash game that did quite well. The infinity survival genres were quite popular back then and my take on it with Heli vs Tower came out quite well how I planned.

Main Idea

The main goal of the game is to survive as long as possible, duh says Billie Eilish. You control a helicopter and shoot down chainsaws, helicopters and stick figures with guns. The game is a little rough around the edges these days with the graphics and animations but the concept and surviving part holds up quite well.

Heli vs Tower Flash Game made by Eggys Games

Pew pew pew pew!

Making the Infinity Tower

The code to make the tower constant is a lot simpler than you might think. If you look closely at the tower it's made of blocked sections, since these repeat, I decided to nest a bunch of different types inside it. So there were about 8 variations of the block. Then all I had to do was code stacking those blocks as the screen scrolled up. I used the following code below >

Spawn Code

You can usually replicate this method in many games. If you have any repetition, break those sections into movieclips, prefabs or groups and then keep spawning it one after another and make sure you compensate for any camera speed changes.

Take Over Another Helicopter

I think one of the best elements that holds up is you can eject out of your helicopter at any time and land in another enemys one. So if you are low HP, hit eject and try land in another. While you are in the parachute you are very fragile, so it's a risk but pays off and gives you full HP.

This again one of those times that if I brushed this idea up in Unity it could turn out a lot more smooth and add some physics to the parachute that would be cool as hell!


Game Gets Harder and Harder

As the game progresses it gets so hard it's basically bullet hell on screen. This is where the game kinda caps out, I could have put a bit more work into the later levels. That could have used an upgrade system and more progression. Looking back on things I would add physics, upgrades and a longer progression into the planets.

Currently the game keeps slowly going up scrolling a giant background. which goes past the moon and then uses space as the end.

Heli vs Tower Main Menu from eggys games

As always I liked my main menu here, it's constant animation with the helicopter shooting and some kick ass rock music. I went for an arcade style so when you press A you get the classic flash and feedback sound. Always satisfying.

Overall I'm happy with the end result and definitely want to make another helicopter based game one day in the future. Hope you enjoyed playing Heli vs Tower.