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Conjuring Up My Spooky Horror Game The Infection

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It's always good to keep switching up the genres you work in. That's when I took a dive into shooting games for the first time to make The Infection. It came out very SPOOPY with lots of weird and unsual things happening.

Core Gameplay

The game itself uses a basic core mechanic of a main guy being able to shoot, and the goal is simply to get to the right side of the screen without dying. A very common method in the Flash game days due to limited memory usage being available it was hard to make huge scrolling screens so breaking it up prevented lag easily.

I did try use this limited space as best as possible. With the shooting mechanic having limited ammo it made the player have to be careful, otherwise they had to use a melee weapon. (Couldn't have them run out of ammo and ruin the game huh?)

The Infection Screenshot

Mixing Up The Levels

The fun part about this game was there was no real criteria on what a level could have. It really gave me freedom to do anything. So we had some bizarre scenes of a ragdoll body spewing headcrabs out his mouth. I added a cool static effect to make it seem scary. I mean as scary as you can get for Flash game days right?

As you progress you get to use mounted minigun turrets which is always a favourite of mine. You find swords. lightsabres and grenade launchers. I really was able to have a lot of freedom about what I put in.

Eventually you vs 3 different bosses as well.

The Infection Static Effect Flash Game Eggys Games


The Infection Minigun Scene Eggys Games

Overall Summary

I think the main issue once again is no save function, however I did make the game relatively easy which is different for me. Most of my games are insanely hard. This time I made it easier and voila the game got higher ratings. I learned a lesson from this game that maybe punishing your players doesn't translate well to customers. Unless they're Dark Souls players of course.

I was really happy with this game it turned out very nice. The graphics all fit well together and its a creepy atmosphere that keeps you guessing. Some of the graphics were so well done I was able to re-use them in my game Eggbot vs Zombies that I did in Unity.

The Infection Alien Scenes by Eggys Games

I always love the release of this game and would love to explore a more detailed version with the URP lighting that is available in Unity. It would really bring it up to the next level.

Overall I hope you had fun playing the old Flash Game - The Infection.