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Building The Blocks Of My Tricky Game The Tower

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This game idea end up panning out very well. It combined two main elements. Building your tower with blocks you could stack up, then enemies attacking them trying to destroy it, and so the idea The Tower was born.

Main Concept

The game started off pretty simple with just placing blocks on top of each other. I was like ya know what this is a pretty cool prototype already. Now some people like to go in the direction of those games placing blocks lined up with each other, but I was like nah how can we push this to the limit in those days. So I made all different types of blocks including the heart block. I was like wait a minute what if I make this heart block the main health of the tower? Then an idea was born to attack it.

Building The Tower Flash Game by Eggys Games

After that of course you had your spells and main sword. Looking back at this game I think my main mistake here was not making the sword more fun. I broke my old rule of not making a main mechanic really fun. I was so focused on the building and spells I forgot if you are mainly using the sword, then you need to make it unique and fun. Oh well lesson learned!

Expanding The Concept Later

The game is fun coming from each direction as it gets harder and harder. Also the game features a huge new array of enemies. These enemies were also fused with enemies from Knights Castle and another unfinished project. They are so well made and animated I have been reusing them in newer games.

The Tower Enemies Flash Game

The game concept I think would work well as a 3D game in Unity. You could build the tower up and defend it in a full 3D world and it might come out quite fun. I definitely am thinking about heading that direction!

Screenshot of Eggys Games The Tower

Overall Summary

This game was a big success. Coding it was a huge challenge, working in the limitations of Flash I did keep things quite basic with the blocks, they were all nested arrays and dropped with for loops which can get a bit laggy when combined with other stuff. These days I wouldn't code it this way. I would simply tag the entire groups and interact with Unity tags. Good lesson there.

The Tower Block Coding

Overall I'm really happy with this game, it still holds up fairly decently 15 years later. So I hope you have fun trying out The Tower.