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Behind the Silly Pixels Of Stickya Adventurya

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This game was...bizarre. I mean the way you kill enemies is by farting on them. You play guitar to explode their heads off, you fart the objects back at bosses and you run like a retard on drugs. That's why Stickya Adventurya is so great.

Stickya Adventurya cinematic flash game

Is There Game Design?

I threw all conventional rules out the window when I made this game. In fact it makes almost no sense whatsoever and that's what makes it so enjoyable. This is another one of those times where you can make minigames within the game and it suits. Right off the bat you can fart on bunnies, you can push enemies off things, you fall down into the pit dodging platforms and fart boxes to jump on.

Stickya Adventurya Game

The cute artwork style allows lots of weird things to happen!

Stickya Adventurya Farting on a box

The Game Surprisingly Did Well

I think the interesting thing is always whether the game will make any money when you just design something from your heart rather than what the players might love. Luckily a lot of fans enjoyed the silly style I went for. They found the whole thing amusing and I landed a small sponsorship, albiet smaller than usual I don't ever regret making this game. It's a piece of insanity from my brain put into game form. Hopefully this isn't used as evidence one day to put me in an insane asylum.

It even had a badge system implemented on Newgrounds. It was a bit of a fan favourite there more than anywhere else since NG always loves the silly humour.

Funny Stickya Adventurya flash game gameplay by eggys games

Advice Or Not

I guess the interesting take away as a developer is I can't technically recommend you make a game like this. You won't find heaps of money or success in this style of genre. It's usually a specific niche market of fans that will enjoy it, so if you do make a game in this style don't expect the die hard gamers to give you many plays. It needs to be a project of passion.

Either way I loved this game, as you progress the levels get weirder and weirder. my personal favourite is having to fart on the food before it's served to the guests to poison the guards. It had a little bit of Abes Odyssey vibes in that section that I was inspired by.

Also you will hear my funny voice in the Main Menu and opening cinematic using an old shitty $15 Mic. Ahhh memories of a simpler time.

Stickya Adventurya Main Menu

Hope you enjoy my silly creation Stickya Adventurya.