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Exploring The Creation Process Of My Game Super Joe

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Super Joe is just one of those games I made I still enjoy looking back on. It was just a simple cute stick figure game, and I dunno if it's the nostalgia factor in me, but I still love them.

Game Concept

The idea is well....lots of ideas. Every single level the ability that Joe has changes. This means I had the creative freedom to make anything happen I wanted. This led to some hilarious ideas. My personal favourite is the bottom one... you can simply self detonate, you are forced to commit murder against the childrens orphanage to get past. Gameplay? 0%. Hilarious? 100%

Flash Game Super Joe on Eggys Games

These little breaks in gameplay are great for the user. Even though it's one simple joke, players will laugh and continue on with the game. I like to call these levels "break" levels. It gives the user a rest. Sometimes I recommend putting them after really difficult levels so the user has a little bit of relaxing downtime.

Games like this where you change the concept through the game may not always be successful but they are extremely good for coding and game development practice. I highly recommend doing an experimental game like this to improve your skills

Super Joe Flash Game Rocket Helmet LOL

I mean here I just gave Joe a rocket launcher hat? why? BECAUSE I CAN! I mean that in itself is a AAA game idea right there ain't it?!


It's funny because stick figures get a lot of flack for being lazy, yet when I look back on my older games for some reason the stick figure ones hold up better than the others. Maybe stick figures are just timeless? they also seem to interestingly gel well with high detail graphics. Seems odd the contrast, yet it works very well.

Stick figures taking on highly detailed enemies? works. Takes on stick figures? works. What doesn't work with them? I really think a Unity version of these stick figure games could go down really well.

Super Joe Flash Game Screenshot


It may not be the most detailed and big game, but it has it's charm and will always remain a favourite for me as a developer. Theres 20 levels, that was 20 ideas for me. That really challenged me to keep coming up with stuff.

Super Joe Flash Game Screenshot

Dive in and see what you think of Super Joe