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Game Ideas Come From Playing Games

Sometimes the best way to come up with ideas for a game to make is simply to play them. Play lots of games. You will naturally as a gamer come along a lot of things where you think "This would be better if ____" We have all been there. The thing to do is to think WHY it would be better, what can you learn from this game on how it could be more fun? Remember those ideas and incorporate them into your own games.

As a kid playing platformers I used to always think "Wouldn't it be cool if they added breaking everything" or "being able to make your level more interactive" Of course when you start making games you realise how long that actually takes and no one has time to make every single thing usable. However if it does pave the way to remember that a lot of games are amazing because of small details. Those tiny details can make your game stand out from the others out there.

Go! Play Games! Make Games!

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The Final Push

Finishing the last 5-10% of your game is the hardest part of making a game. It's the most daunting and the most horrific. For some reason despair kicks in. You start to play your game over and over and since you've been playing it non-stop since making it you start to doubt yourself and your game, you wonder if it's even fun anymore? you can't tell because you have tested it so many hundreds of time it's hard to know wether the first time someone plays it whether they will have fun. So you start to dwell on it. You also start to procrastinate due to the fear of releasing it. Thinking will it be good enough. I'm currently going through that myself right now with my new game that's almost done. It's particularly daunting because it's only my 2nd game in Unity since most of my previous work was done in Flash. It's also quite a big game.

On top of that your dealing with the least fun part of making a game, bug fixes, tidy ups, little changes, balancing the difficulty and getting it working on multiple devices. It makes you really start putting off finishing it. In fact I've known a lot of developers that don't even finish this stage of the development. They crack under the pressure to make it perfect and they just give up. It's always tempting, I'm not sure where this end stage despair and depression comes from inside us, but it's there. This is the part you need to use all your willpower and just push through it because it's all worth it the second it is done. 

No matter what it is in life we find it easy to start new things because it's exciting and fun at first, but towards the end it's hard to finish them off due to the monotony of it all and the stressful things that pop up. This is a good time to write a small checklist, if you start to slow down, make it your goal to do one a day, once that list gets small enough you will find a surge of motivation to finish it off. Sometimes it's best to pull a few nights in a row non-stop even if you need to triple your caffeine dosage. 

It's not uncommon for a developer to have to put more hours into the final 10% of their project then they did in the first 50% of the game.

Remember. Hang in there. Find that motivation on why your doing this, and push through it because it's all worth it in the end.

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The 100 is a Great Show

I binge watched all of The 100 recently. All 5 seasons while programming, and I love it. I'm a big sucker for sci-fi shows and it's good to see a new one show a lot of promise. The first season was probably my favorite since they were in space and things were very unknown. I have found season 3 and 5 to be the most dullest. The seasons with allie and the chips wasn't very thought out as it could have been. They could have made it a lot more like The Matrix adding in way more cool sci-fi elements but ah well. 

I mean whats not to love? you got some extremely hot chicks in here who are great actors. throw in some sci-fi and some action fighting scenes, Clark is also an Aussie like me, so it's interesting seeing her accent change in the show and in interviews. I also find Echo and Octavia pretty damn hot. Her saying "You are one crew or the enemy of one crew" is forever stuck in my head.

The only problem so far is season 5 feels like its being stretched out a bit too much, sometimes one problem T.V shows have after too many seasons is the writer isn't fleshing out the ideas very well and they kinda drag on without remaining interesting. So far S5 has had far too many politics involving Octavia and the tribes rather than keep the focus on the main survival and new developments coming there way. Season 4 was a good example of the writing being better since it added new elements you didn't see coming, from going back to space, coming down, Clark surviving on her own and even Ravens fight with the medical problem and getting the ship back up. Exactly what sci-fi should be like.

They better not cancel the show before it ends or I'll be angry! :P 

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Eggbot vs Zombies Preview of the Weapons

Heres a sneak peak at the awesome weapons I've made in Eggbot vs Zombies. It was really fun to make them and they are turning out really well. The Anti-Grav gun is a personal favourite. I made it make ragdolls but it turned the gravity off for them once hit so they float around as if they're in space. This creates a really cool effect. This game will be out soon on Android and PC.

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