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Update on Previous Draw-Play Copied

So as you may have saw my previous post below about Draw-Play being copied and they put ads in it to make money in the ripoff version, I'm happy to say that after contacting the ad websites about it they have removed the ripoff version from there ad network! It's good to see website owners taking action on behalf of developers and earns me a lot of respect for that website. 

This is a good lesson for other developers if you see you work as been cloned and ripped off to always try your best to get in contact with ad companies and websites hosting the game to make sure they remove it.

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Draw-Play Rip Off

So over the years it's been pretty common for people to blatantly ripoff my ideas. Some people say it's a form of flattery, which is fair enough it kind of is. I do take it that way. I'm surprised my games are still being copied 10 years later. However the most recent copy of my game is Draw-Play. They took it a little too far in how direct the copy is.

Here is my game Draw-Play below. 

Draw Play Screenshot

Now here below is the ripoff version

Draw-Play Rip Off Stolen

Now look, I don't mind people being inspired by my work. I in fact encourage it, inspiration though is different to blatant copying. If you're going to take inspiration from my game...can you at least CHANGE THE NAME? OR THE CHARACTER? OR EVEN GOD FORBID THE LEVELS?!?!

I'm laughing pretty hard at the badly drawn version of the Draw-Play character though. 

Also if you want to make a parody/remake of my game thats cool just please do not try copy the name, or at least put credit to me somewhere. 

I mean come on, they didn't even try make it any different, it's almost an exact clone. Now normally again I'd let it slide except the fact he put ads in it, and is making money off it. This annoys me, because I deserve any ad revenue made from the game.

I will be contacting any websites hosting it however to take it down because as usual with copy games they usually don't have any credits to them because the author doesn't want to be known as a thief. 

But alas it's the internet and everything gets stolen, so that's part of life and is actually the reason my games spread so far, but I only encourage stealing as long as my game remains intact with my logos and ads, but hey if you're gonna copy my idea, I dont mind, but at least make it original? just change the graphics AT LEAST. and design your own levels for gods sake. Put in any effort what so ever, and I would be proud to see a game that was inspired by mine. Just don't copy every part about it and try take my ad revenue. Geez.

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New Hearthstone Expansion Released - Rastakhans Rumble

I'm a big fan of Hearthstone. Great card game I've been playing for 2 years now. They just released the new expansion Rastakhans Rumble! Been looking forward to the new one. The game is free and plays on mobile, it's probably the best game on Mobile you can currently play in my opinion. Blizzard always nail it out the park. 

Rastakhans Rumble
Hearthstone Rastakhans Rumble Expansion

Since I knew the expansion was coming I saved up 2500 gold in Hearthstone to buy 25 packs of cards of the new decks when they are released. This way you do not need to pay to win like a lot of others claim. It's pretty easy to make gold in Hearthstone if you just do the daily quests, it adds up pretty quick.

New Hearthstone Cards
Oondasta, Ice Cream Peddler, Halazzi the Lynx

Few interesting cards here to try. In this expansion of Hearthstone they have released a new abilitie called "Overkill" So it means if you do more damage to a creature than its health than you trigger whatever that cards special ability is. We can see above that Oondasta summons a beast from your hand everytime he kills something, and since he also has Rush meaning he can attack as soon as he's placed down, that's instantly 2 creatures put out. Great card!

Seems this expansion so far has really focused on the Hunter with a lot of new beasts. Which is great because hunter is one of my favourite decks. So be interesting to see how the new hunter decks change to adapt to the new cards. 

If you would like to vs me in Hearthstone, my tag is Eggy #11993

Rastakhans Rumble
Hearthstone Expansion - Rastakhans Rumble
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Another Facebook Ban

I received another 30 day ban from Facebook lols -_- It's pretty annoying with Facebooks algorithm that if you have been banned before, it always resorts to 30 days every time. What did I do wrong? well I used the word "Whore" and that's it. Someone insulted me, I called them a whore, and I'm the one that gets banned? ridiculous! It seems once you have been banned before they don't even review it anymore, they just instant ban you. 

At first it seems good because I'm spending less time on Facebook, however the main problem is that it also bans you from the msger app which is what I use to contact people. So I currently have a bunch of people thinking I'm ignoring them, when really I just can't reply. It taunts you because you can see that they have msged you and read it but I can't type back. It's like being behind a thick wall of glass. 

What pisses me off is that people can say demeaning things about people, but as long as it falls in the "politically correct" way of insulting you, they can't be touched. Yet if I so much as reply, and get one report I'm out. It's like those type of girls in school that would dob you in for anything, no one in the class likes that person, but because they dob you in you have to be very careful around them. I hate those type of people. Goody too shoes. 

Oh well in the meantime, at least I'm spending less time on there. So I deactivated my account for a little while. 

Facebook Ban
Banned from Facebook :O
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