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Limitations Can Breed Creativity

Have you ever looked down at a white piece of paper, or stared at a white blank screen and thought.... what the hell do I draw or make? Well you're not alone in that thought. 

What's interesting is that sometimes having no bounds to break out off gives us no inspiration. The thing that drives the human brain to creativity is actually limitations imposed on it. By giving us rules we have to follow, all of a sudden we want to break those rules. Sometimes having complete freedom is the worst thing for creativity. To think of new ideas and great ideas, you sometimes need to box yourself in to force yourself to want to break those rules.

I remember back in school when we had free choice for an assignment I would struggle to think of something, but when we were told you have to do an article on "plants" all of a sudden I had ideas on making it different like branching out and saying lets explore only "bug eating plants" or can I flip the topic and make it about "plants we can survive eating only" etc.

Sometimes instead of starting with a white blank paper, give yourself a few stupid rules you have to follow and you may find yourself coming up with more ideas.

In the olden day of game making with atari etc, they had huge limitations on what they could make, they had to work with a very small amount of memory. By doing so, it actually is half the reason we have the games we lose. Sometimes forcing the developers to come up with creative work arounds made them come up with interesting design choices. Like a common example is that the old atari tv player could only mirror both sides, meaning you had to design a level that was identical on both sides. Which resulted in games like pacman having a mirror'd map. 

Don't be afraid of constraints, use them to your advantage by seeing them as a problem to break out of.

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The Matrix

The Matrix was released in 1999 and to this day I still believe it to be the best movie ever released. Not only did it have great characters and awesome fighting scenes, but the storyline changed movies, games and pop culture forever. Referencing the matrix that we are all stuck in has become such a common reference it's a household name. The fact is it appeals to people that believe the world we live in is fake. You could take that in a literal way or take it in a more figurative way as such that the general person doesn't know whats going in life.

Of all movies in the world I believe are a must see, it is this one and the 2 sequels. It also has some of the best fighting choreography I've ever seen. It's fast but also very technical. The scene where he fights 100s of agent smiths is my favourite fight scene ever made. The moves he uses are damn right cool. 

The movie explores so many different subjects, from programming, gaming, virtual worlds, wool over our eyes, the mirror reflection, what is real and what is not real, fighting, love, survival, machines AI and more.

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C# Make a Basic Array

Lets say we want to make a basic array with a list of items or weapons etc. Lets put them in an array so we can loop through them when we need too.

Start off by declaring it

//Declare Array
public string[] eggysarray;

Then of course here are the basics to setting it and changing it

void Start () {

        ///Set Array
        eggysarray = new string[] { "this", "is", "an", "array"};

        //Change individual array item
        eggysarray[1] = "isnt";

        //returned "this"
        Debug.Log (eggysarray[0]);

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Unity - C# Changing Between Lots of Sprites on One Object

Sometimes in a game you're going to want to have a lot of sprites on one object to make it easier to switch between them all. Lets take my Zombie dying for example, we want a bunch of gore to randomly come out of him, but we don't want to make 30 different little prefabs for each one do we? So lets make an array and make it quick and easier. 

First we make an array. Lets call it Mysprites. 

public Sprite[] Mysprites;

Now we have an array so in our inspector when we drag this code onto a prefab. It will allow us to set an array and drag out sprites onto it. Like so :

Now we have a lot of them ready to change. So on start we can do this :

roll = Random.Range (min, max);

GetComponent<spriterenderer> ().sprite = Mysprites [roll];

As we can see here we have a variable Roll that we run through 2 variables. You just need to declare them as ints of however many sprites youre going to use. 

Then it sets the spriteRenderer to display the sprite that it randomized.

There you have it, you can drag this script onto any object and be able to customize which random sprites it spawns, if you don't want it randomized you can customize it too display whichever sprite in the array you want when needed. Like for guns, ui, and more.

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