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Looking Back on 2018

Looking back on this year it's been a good year and a bad year at the same time. If I look at it in a optimistic way, I have learned a new program - Unity. I have learned a new language - C# and I have released my first ever 2 games onto Mobile with Unity. This is good, I layed the foundations for learning new game development. If I was to look back in an pessimist way though I would think 2 games is not very much. I wasted too much time and could have completed more. 

It's hard to decide which way to look at it. Doubts will always creep in your mind when you are any form of artist. Should I have done more? Was what I made good enough? 

Either way I'm happy to have laid the foundations for 2019, games will be made quicker now I have more of a grasp on the program and language, since I used to previously work in Flash and use AS3. 

I've also been held back by a few personal health problems and financial problems. 

Overall I'm glad and proud to have gotten back into game development after a long break for a while. I battled some personal stuff I talked about in previous posts, and now that I'm back to normal and focusing on game development again I have a lot of ideas that will be coming to mobile for 2019. 

Happy New Year from Eggys Games. 

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Merry Christmas From Eggy

Have a merry christmas! from Eggy :) Hope you get lots of egg presents! Like an egg, inside an egg, inside an egg, inside an egg, inside an egg, inside an egg, inside an egg, inside an egg, inside an egg, inside an egg, inside an egg, inside an egg, inside an egg. 

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Chaos Theory is Amazing

Chaos theory is an amazing music video made in under 64kb of memory. Anyone that knows much about optimizing, this is basically insane. It fits on a floppy disc. It even uses glitches in the actual computer software to achieve some of it's visuals. It may not seem like much these days, but this was made a long time ago when computers had hardly any memory or processing power and this guy managed to squeeze every last bit of memory out of it and it still holds up to this day as a visual masterpiece with the music.

Even more interesting, people that make these are part of whats known as "Demoscene" an underground type coding group that specializes in these sort of videos. Have a look at them on youtube and some of them are amazing. Complex maths to program these.

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Newgrounds absorbs previous Tumblr users

So recently Tumblrs app got removed from the app store for adult content. This of course is pretty bad for a company as big as them as it means huge amounts of money lost. So they quickly took measures and put out a wide sweeping ban on almost all adult content. This is a pretty big brush to paint though which means they have effectively banned hundreds of thousands of users. 

This however was pretty good news for Newgrounds who all the users flocked to to keep posting there adult rated art and content. I find this good myself, Newgrounds does not censor people and are very open. Where as sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are way too politically correct censoring things that they deem "adult" I'm personally against censoring of any form. Even though I keep my games generally G rated to hit a larger audience. I find people should have complete freedom of speech and expression. 

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