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Whole Cake? No Mam 99.9999% Cake

A lady comes through with some shopping and a cake, I dunno if it was from me packing or the cake was already like this, but she notices a tiny fracture has come off…

She wants a new cake, She saids “It looks different”

IT LOOKS DIFFERENT?!LOOKS DIFFERENT?!!! A tiny bit, like the size of your little pinky nail is off and she wants a new one…..right….just…yeahhhh…

So I say…

“It’s only a tiny little bit off, it should be ok”

She then gives me a glare that would look something like what hitler would look at you like just before he killed you.

So after a little awkward silence I call up and get her a new cake.


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Coke Got Fizzed Up

This guy comes through and buys one small coke. Pays for it. Walks one metre out the checkout and drops it, it fizzes up. He turns around walks back to me and saids -

Man : My coke got Fizzed up, can I have another one.
Me : Umm………
Man : …..
Me : Swap it for one off the shelf just there then..
Man : …….ok

I could have said no, but I couldn’t be bothered…

Please people. Try not to drop your coke straight after you buy it……

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So lately I’ve been more of a….well….not nice worker to my customers when they annoy me. I used to roll over, smile and say sorry. Now I’m getting in more trouble because I’m standing up to them, I might even get fired at this rate :O we’ll see I guess.

I’m packing the lady’s shopping, and I drop the next piece of shopping in (Tomatoes) about half the length of your hand. Not very much of a drop, very very tiny.

Me : Ok.

I grab the next thing and put it into the bag VERY slowly, you can tell I’m being sarcastic about it.

Lady : Do you want me to call your superviser?
Me : Honestly, not really.

I finish her shopping, she goes straight to manager, makes a complaint, i get another warning, and life goes on.

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Prices Affect Hunger

This conversation went between my 2 customers -

Lady 1 : Could you go get a whole chicken
Lady 2 : But you said that you were sick of eating chicken….
Lady 1 : Yes but look there on special, so now I want to eat one
Lady 2 : Oh ok

Prices affect how hungry you are for a certain food? Wow, guess I learn something every day huh.

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