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This happened to the “guy” next to me while we were presentating shelfs.

Woman : Excuse me, do you know if these tampons are any good?
Work Guy : Errrrrrrrrr……………I honestly woudn’t know……..
Woman : Oh ok then.

I looked at him and burst out laughing.

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No, you do it

So it’s near easter and this lady puts a fair bit of shopping up.

Woman : Do you have any wrapping paper?
Me : Yeah just there at the service desk

First i’ll explain, i’m on the checkout RIGHT next to the service desk, like literally 1 metre away.

Woman : Could you get someone to get it for me please
Me : Ahh its right there, you could just quickly reach—
Me : Sure..

I’m just dumbstruck, it’s 1 metre away YOU LAZY BITCH! seriously what the fuck is wrong with you. You can cart your lazy fat ass through the shops to get your shopping…but not reach 1 metre??! are you fucking serious.

So yes I call someone up to get it….the person who gets the wrapping paper gives me a strange look like im the idiot…yeah well fuck you too.

And after we finally pay for it everything she saids

Woman : Goodbye
Me : …
Me : OK
Woman : WELL
Me : Yes, Goodbye *turn around*

she gives me a dirty look…..seriously….I hate you people!

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Am I There?

I was standing in line at work today waiting to pay for some things, and this old guy walks into my back, and keeps walking forward….his head is pushed against my back and hes still trying to walk forward……I turn around and look at him like….what the hell? I look at my friend who also has a what the hell expression, so I take a step forward and then he keeps walking and hits my back again. I turn around and look at him and say

Me : uhh what the?
Old Guy : Are you standing or line or what, move out the way?
Me : uhhh yes i am…
Old Guy : …..

He then moves to the other checkout….He wasn’t blind or anything…


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Whole Cake? No Mam 99.9999% Cake

A lady comes through with some shopping and a cake, I dunno if it was from me packing or the cake was already like this, but she notices a tiny fracture has come off…

She wants a new cake, She saids “It looks different”

IT LOOKS DIFFERENT?!LOOKS DIFFERENT?!!! A tiny bit, like the size of your little pinky nail is off and she wants a new one…..right….just…yeahhhh…

So I say…

“It’s only a tiny little bit off, it should be ok”

She then gives me a glare that would look something like what hitler would look at you like just before he killed you.

So after a little awkward silence I call up and get her a new cake.


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