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So someone made a take on Garfield by turning him into a gigantic monster beast in a gaming setting and I gotta say it's fully hilarious. I love it. Have a look for yourself. As someone that grew up on Garfield I found this hilarious. In this video CarlTheVoiceActor(Snak) did the voices for it. Check it out! - 

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Eggy Awesome and Marty Lettuces Goals

Me and my friend recently set a 3 monthly goal to push ourselves a little further and hold ourselves accountable for our workouts. It's also a little bit of friendly competition which lets face it, helps drive us. This article will be able to hold our goals in writing too so we can come back and check them. 

Begins - 1st July
Ends - September 30th

My goal is to gain between 2kg to 6kg in the next 3 months, mostly in muscle, but a little fat is fine too since I'm quite skinny. 

Current Weight - 59.5kg 
Goal Weight - 63kg+

Marty Lettuces goal is to lose 3kg of fat and gain 3kg of muscle. He has access to full body scans to be able to show how its going which is pretty cool. 

Current BF - 22.7%
Goal BF - 19.7%

Lets see how we do. 

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Awesome Voice Actor for Hire > CarlTheVoiceActor(Snak)

My last few games I've collabed with CarlTheVoiceActor to do Arcalona, Eggbot vs Zombies and Eggys Big Adventure. He does pretty amazing voices and I'm very impressed by the narrator type voice he did especially in Arcalona it gave it that "Morgan Freeman type feel" so if you are looking for someone you should definitely give him a buzz. Here are some of his profiles to contact him on. 

Newgrounds - CarlTheVoiceActor 

Youtube -ArcticTheWolf

Twitter - Carl52974519

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Artists Giving Up Hope

If you are an artist reading this, your art is actually amazing. You probably feel that nagging self doubt feeling don't you? it eats away at you sometimes. Well guess what, FUCK THAT. "The first step to being good at something is to be shit at it first" every drawing you draw, is a stepping stone to greatness. You improved in micro amounts without even realising it. Even if you are not happy with it, there is a person out there that wishes they could draw what you just did. Not only that, but art is subjective, ever see piccasso? that shit looks crap to me man, but hey it sells for millions per painting.

If you are a programmer, your shitty code? who the fuck cares man. Thats the glue holding that game together. 99% of the world can't even write a single line of code, you are already UNIQUE. You have taken the step to learning something that makes the entire world of technology go round. Bugs in your code? who cares, man you are always improving, polishing and refining. That doubt can go die my friend, even if you just made the screen print "Hello World" you are already learning and that knowledge will stay in your brain for the rest of your life. 10,000 little steps will equal coding amazeballs. My codes rough, its not refined, it's messy but you know what. IT GOT THE JOB DONE BOY. So keep on coding my friend

if you make any type of music or sound, you are creating literally vibrations our ears interpret into creativity. Every beat, every sound, it all comes together. Doesn't matter if you made a 10 second FLstudio DJ Mix, the fact you even worked out that program makes you a god my friend. Music programs themself are as complicated as a woman with a DJ set strapped to her forehead. Music is VERY subjective. Even if someone says meh, another person will be like this is beautiful. Don't ever stop, keep on making it.

So yeah you, hey you. You trying to make things. You are a god among humans for bringing an idea in your head and literally transitioning that into reality.

Don't you ever forget it.

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