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So I made a discord, however it was mainly because I got banned from another one...twice but a lot of people followed me into mine because of it. It was basically like a mutiny. So since it's pretty much random chat these days, you are welcome to come in and join.

Heres the link. Come meet me, others, troll, larp or anything else your heart desires. 



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Studies Correlate Intelligence With Depression

Studies have shown the smarter you are, the more depressed you are likely to be. Now I feel this on a painful level myself, I always had much higher levels of depression than people around me and was always slightly smarter. 

Why is this though? Well here are some of my theorie

Stimulation - 
A person who is smarter will require higher levels of stimulation to not be bored. A normal persons everyday life covers enough mental stimulation to satisfy there thinking needs. They will be happy with simply working out the maths of there grocery list, and the money handed back and forth at work as a cashier. However smarter people can do that quite easily so its very boring. Meaning to be more satisfied they will have to pursue goals that require higher levels of Maths or whatever it is they have studied, perhaps, engineering or software even. 

Things You Cant Control -
  Don't get into big world events you cannot control. This may make you less informed, but it seems to make them happier too. When I debate subjects online about huge world issues regarding politics, environment and social. I realise it actually makes me more depressed because I cannot make any difference in the world to these issues because they are outside my control. I need to let go and only thing about the things I CAN CONTROL. 

Simplify -
 I noticed people that are very happy with a simple life only worry about the things in there life. For example, they don't think past beer, watching sports and there truck. Thats the most important parts of there life and by sticking to it they need to overload there brain with too much worrying thoughts. Keep it simple. 

Maybe You Aren't Smart At All - Intelligence is pretty subjective sometimes. My english is pretty damn bad because I never took the time to learn to spell everything perfectly, since I have A.D.D I tend to skip a lot of things that are important making me seem quite dumb sometimes. This may give me the illusion I'm smart because I can learn things quickly, but I'm not because I make careless mistakes. So before you diagnose yourself with this problem, make sure you are as smart as you think you are. 

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Dissapearing Friends

Since I've had Facebook deactivated for almost 2 months now I've made a startling realization and that is you don't have as many friends as you think you do. Since I stopped msging everyone first, I realised more than half these people don't ever msg me. In fact I think we will never talk again if I am not the one constantly msging them. It's quite sad really, you start to realise most these people only keep you on there out of curiosity and not because they actually enjoy talking to you. 

It's been an interesting social experiment to teach me the value of the close friends that do there best to actually remain in contact with me, and for those people I truly cherish that and am now giving my full attention too. You can have 4000 people on your social media, and still feel alone. That's pretty sad the way we have come in life, I will probably not be re-activating my facebook for an entire year. 

Being off there has been incredibly good for my mental health, it truly is a toxic place where people compete with a bunch of crap we don't care about. Always trying to make there life seem better than it is, posting mundane crap no one cares about but above all else it's now turned into a political hell hole of people arguing about everything. So sick of logging in and seeing a vegan tell me I'm an asshole for eating meat or a feminist post telling me I'm a horrible human simply because I'm male or a bunch of American politics arguing about Trump. It's all just a bunch of shit I realised. No one listens to each other, no one learns anything, they all just scream at top of there lungs to be the most heard.

No one changes there mind from Facebook, they already made there mind up. They just go there to try shove it in your face.

Do it, deactivate Facebook for a week, and you may realise you don't have as many friends as you think.

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Watching Dexter

Currently I'm watching Dexter. It's a show I watched when the first season came out a long time ago with my first ever girlfriend. The thing is when we got to around season 3 or so we broke up, and that left a painful memory for the rest of my life related to the show so I could never finish it without thinking about her. Luckily I'm now older and moved on I'm able to watch it without those feelings being hurtful anymore. 

I love Dexter, it's a show based on psychology that goes very deep into serial killers being numb to normal emotions. That kind of traumatic event when younger can leave visible imprints on the brain forever. What I love about it is the main guy is not a good guy, but he is at the same time. There is no clear line on what is good and what is bad. When shows are not black and white it forces you to think about things and make up your own mind based on your own morals. Is he a good guy for killing bad guys? or is he still a bad guy for murdering? You be the judge. 

Michael C Hall that plays Dexter is also a personal favourite actor of mine. He pulls off the stoic, calm man but also gives off that eery feeling. He plays a character I enjoy in Six Feet Under as well, a great morbid show about death and running a funeral home. It touches on some very deep feelings of life and death that can leave you quite rattled. 

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