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Using only Negev in CounterStrike Go

Posted on by Eggy

I play a lot of Counterstrike. It's probably my main game I like at the moment. So far I've been experimenting with only using a Negev. Considered the worst gun in the game I've been hilariously making it do pretty well. With over 9500 kills obtained on it by only using it in 5v5 Competitive matches people are very surprised at how well it can be used. You can find my Steam Profile here if you would like to play a game with me sometime. 

So far I've managed to go from Silver 3 to Nova 2 by only using a Negev. Ahh Hilarious. The best tips I can offer is finding an angle to line up and spam it directly aiming for head. Always prefire corners and always aim down a little to control the spray. You'll be amazing at how effective this gun can be.