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Try Not to Burn Yourself Out

Posted on by Eggy

When you're working long hours at the computer like I do, it's very easy to burn yourself out. I do it very often by accident. You get to that point where every task seems like a huge burden, where my programming starts to look like hieroglyphics. You need to take breaks often without getting too distracted which is easier said than done.

Sometimes I go the other direction, I take a break and go on Facebook and next minute I've been there for almost 2 hours and wasted too much time. You need some sort of designated break that allows you to refresh but also not distract you for too long. I personally use the game Counter-Strike to destress and shoot some people. The good thing is one game lasts around 45mins, so once the games over I get back to work. 

Caffiene seems like a good choice at first but beware it's a double edged sword. I found it works at the end when you want to cram in last minute changes but it's not so good when used everyday because it leads to longer fatigue I've found. You also can get quite jittery. 

Remember to pace yourself, don't feel stressed that you have to finish all your computer work at once. Sometimes it becomes counter-productive to force yourself to keep going and you will start to make mistakes.