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The 100 is a Great Show

Posted on by Eggy

I binge watched all of The 100 recently. All 5 seasons while programming, and I love it. I'm a big sucker for sci-fi shows and it's good to see a new one show a lot of promise. The first season was probably my favorite since they were in space and things were very unknown. I have found season 3 and 5 to be the most dullest. The seasons with allie and the chips wasn't very thought out as it could have been. They could have made it a lot more like The Matrix adding in way more cool sci-fi elements but ah well. 

I mean whats not to love? you got some extremely hot chicks in here who are great actors. throw in some sci-fi and some action fighting scenes, Clark is also an Aussie like me, so it's interesting seeing her accent change in the show and in interviews. I also find Echo and Octavia pretty damn hot. Her saying "You are one crew or the enemy of one crew" is forever stuck in my head.

The only problem so far is season 5 feels like its being stretched out a bit too much, sometimes one problem T.V shows have after too many seasons is the writer isn't fleshing out the ideas very well and they kinda drag on without remaining interesting. So far S5 has had far too many politics involving Octavia and the tribes rather than keep the focus on the main survival and new developments coming there way. Season 4 was a good example of the writing being better since it added new elements you didn't see coming, from going back to space, coming down, Clark surviving on her own and even Ravens fight with the medical problem and getting the ship back up. Exactly what sci-fi should be like.

They better not cancel the show before it ends or I'll be angry! :P