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My Current Diet

Posted on by Eggy

This is what I'm currently eating each day to gain muscle and remain healthy. Decided I'd write it down since my friend thinks I survive solely on a diet of potatoes and oxygen. Which is sometimes true, but not currently while I'm attempting to gain muscle. Okay here we go.

8am - Protein Shake and 1 pack oatmeal. 

Estimated calories - 308 Calories
Oatmeal - 158 Calories for 1 cup
Protien Shake - 150 calories

10:30am - 4 Eggs on wholemeal toast. 

Estimated Calories - 462
Eggs - 78 per egg x 4
Toast - 75 per slice x 2

1pm - 1 Lamb Chop with Roasted Sweet Potato in butter and olive oil. 

Estimated Calories - 380
Lamb Chop - 294 Calories
Sweet Potato - 86 Calories

5pm - Tuna cooked with egg, veges and garlic with beetroot. 

Estimated Calories - 198 Calories
1x Can of Tuna - 70 per can
1x Egg - 78 calories per egg
Veges - 50 calories of veges

7pm - Chocolate Chip Toast

Estimated Calories - 160 Calories
Toast - 80x2 Slices

9pm - Extras cooked from earlier - 3 Lamb Chops and Sweet Potato

Estimated Calories - 974 Calories

Lamb Chops x3 - 888 Calories
Sweet Potato - 86 calories

Miscellaneous -

2 litres of Water
Supplements - B Complex, Magnesium, Multi-Vitamin, L-Dopa
Sparkling Water

Then after that I had some small biscuits and cupcakes before falling asleep. Not much worth mentioning though. 

Estimated Total Calories Consumed - 2482
The Average male needs to consume - 2500 Calories per day

My meals contained a constant balance of protein, carbs and fats. 

Overall I'm pretty happy with these meals, I usually mix them up a lot, others include chicken and veges for example in place of any of these meals. Overall I feel full, not sluggish from overeating, and more energy and no sugar crash. We will see how it goes more long term if I can keep it up.