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Posted on by Eggy

Been quite addicted to Pokemon Go lately, gotta say it's a great game. I used to play Ingress so I love the concept of walking around playing a game. I'm already level 25 with 100 in the pokedex. So not a bad effort. Pretty sure I made myself sick by playing in the cold weather we been having lately. On the plus side I've been getting more fit, my legs ache though ha!

Game making has been slow, I've been working fairly long hours at my two jobs, but I do wanna get some more stuff done. Unfortunately Flash is dying out as a medium, so I will probably make a few more games in Flash and then move onto HTML5 or Unity. Good thing is the website won't change much as the browsers still support either one.

My main goal is too finish this multiplayer island game in Flash. An ambitious project, but something I feel I should get done after many years in the Flash scene. Having a job really slows down the progress unfortunately, but I'll get there. 

Stay Tuned.