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L-Dopa and 5-HTP

Posted on by Eggy

Over the years I've tested a bunch of supplements on my quest for a healthier goddamn body. Even though I've treated myself like crap, It's kinda like squirting a water bottle on a raging forest fire. It doesn't do much, but I keep trying anyway. 

After A LOT of research I finally found something that actually kicks in just as strong as caffeine. It's called L-Dopa. What this does is it converts to dopamine in your body, this is what gives you energy, motivation, confidence, focus and overall happiness. 

It worked so well in fact, it almost felt like a miracle. I actually felt like going for a run and exercise which is unlike me, I like weight lifting but generally don't bother with running. However the surge of energy felt like I just needed to run and injest, digest the world. Unfortunately it needs to be taken on an empty stomach because protein competes for absorption, which can give you a little stomach ache. However you can still take it with a light amount of food if you don't mind a diminished effect. 

It works like this in your body when you eat food. 

Food > Tyrosine > L-Dopa > Dopamine > Norepinephrine > Adrenaline

Food > 5-HTP > Tryptophan > Serotonin 

Your body is an amazing chemistry set, it converts each chemical compound into the next one in this order generally using liver enzymes for some of them but the later ones use Hydrolysis in the brain. What we want is dopamine. Norepinephrine is what your body uses when you exercise, it's released to increase, heart rate, speed up oxygen delivery, speed up the production of glucose into energy (Or ketone bodies if on a keto diet) the body uses this to stimulate you ready for action. It can also be converted to adrenaline for when you are in danger, generally you don't get too much adrenaline because we don't use it as often as we did in our previous evolution cycle.

Now by cutting out the bodys need to convert food to Tyrosine and then L-dopa, we speed up the process and basically give ourselves a boost of energy. Not only that, but as someone like myself that was found to have A.D.D, they found Dopa Mucuna to be a promising replacement for stimulant medication like Amphetamines. 

What is Dopa Mucuna? Well it's a plant where L-Dopa is found naturally inside it. This is very rare for a food to contain this substance. In India it has been used for hundreds of years as a natural energy and libido boost. In early cultures people were known to chew the leaves just like they did with Coco Leaves (Cocaine) before humans managed to refine it into something more deadly of course. 

There unfortunately is some downsides. Like with everything when you start to increase dopamine the body will respond by increasing tolerance. If you do it too long and too much, the body can shut down dopamine receptors. This can take a while for them to come back. (Hence drug withdrawal depression) If you increase it even more than that, you enter neurotoxicity which is seen in things like Methamphetamine. Dopamine is like water on a car, its fine to wash it in, but if you leave water on it for weeks it starts to rust. In the brain dopamine becomes neurotoxic if theres too much at once, and dopamine receptors can shut down. As in the case of Parkinson's Disease. 

Sounds scary, but if you cycle on and off and keep a low dose, you will reap the benefits without the dangers and do not combine it with stimulant medication as this is dangerous for the brain. 

The other downside is it increases anxiety, so if you are prone to it like I am, you may feel wired or jittery like caffeine. I fixed this by adding the 5-HTP supplement which converts to serotonin. The brain works like an equalizer on a music board. If you drag one bar up, it affects the rest. Serotonin and Dopamine like to remain in balanced harmony. Too much dopamine and not enough serotonin is like nitro in a car without breaks. You will get anxiety, paranoia, shaky, jittery. If you have too much serotonin and not enough dopamine, you will get tired, bored, lazy, sleepy, drowsy and unmotivated. So your body balances them out. 

By increasing both at once, I was able to fully quit my anti-depressants (Which work by trapping serotonin in the brain) the reason the supplement is better is it has a short half life. The half life is how quickly it takes your body to eliminate half of the drug from your system, when half is gone you do not feel the main effects anymore, for example you won't feel drunk. However the rest will still affect periphery response like increased heart rate etc. The reason this is better is that I don't feel drowsy and sluggish all day, I can just take it to help sleep or to lower anxiety. 

Overall, if you are looking for a boost. I highly recommend these two supplements, just don't overdo it as they will lose there effects very quickly.