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Eggy Awesome and Marty Lettuces Goals

Posted on by Eggy

Me and my friend recently set a 3 monthly goal to push ourselves a little further and hold ourselves accountable for our workouts. It's also a little bit of friendly competition which lets face it, helps drive us. This article will be able to hold our goals in writing too so we can come back and check them. 

Begins - 1st July
Ends - September 30th

My goal is to gain between 2kg to 6kg in the next 3 months, mostly in muscle, but a little fat is fine too since I'm quite skinny. 

Current Weight - 59.5kg 
Goal Weight - 63kg+

Marty Lettuces goal is to lose 3kg of fat and gain 3kg of muscle. He has access to full body scans to be able to show how its going which is pretty cool. 

Current BF - 22.7%
Goal BF - 19.7%

Lets see how we do.