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So I tend to binge one game to the next, it was Counter-Strike Go, but it is now Dota (Defence of the Ancients) 

I have 399 hours on record. I actually got the game in 2012, but never played it much because I mostly played Heroes of Newerth. However the game has died out now and since Dota is the closest to it, I went full in.

I did the all pick challenge winning a game with every hero which took around 238 games with the 117 heroes. Which is a whole lot of learning very quickly while playing vsing actual players. I like to go balls deep learning while fighting. Adds more fun. Albeit gaps in my knowledge. 

I just paid the $5 for one month of Dota Plus and so far its been worth it. The custom skins and extra diamond achievements I added to gyrocopter look pretty cool and track your stats. I also like the extra challenges it adds to each hero to do during the game making it extra fun. Plus of course unlocking funny sound effects. 

So far I'm still a noob, even though I reached rank 3 fairly quickly I still have a lot to learn. Luckily the heroes are half the same as HON, so I was able to learn the game much quicker than another player. Gyrocopter is my favourite hero at the moment, I made a guide for him that can be found here. 

The reason he is my favourite is due to rocket barrage, he can fly along them basically delivering nonstop missiles into there face, it's strong and very satisfying. Not only that but his slow moving rocket stun is hilarious to watch chase them so slowly just for it to land so I can use his ulti which is no joke just a nuke. I have a win rate of almost 70% with gyro at the moment, so TAKE HEED OF MY GUIDE.

MOBA's are one of my favourite genres, they took the slowness of RPG's and they sped it up into a fast paced rough game. Instead of players just competing in "time" where they brag about there character that they simply farmed with all the time in the world, this puts pressure under them to put other skills to the test on top of RPG skills. Including, countering, map awareness, teamwork, item builds, juking, game knowledge, reactions and more. 

MOBAS seperate the men from the MMORPG and RPG kids.