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Dopamine Eggs UI Part 2

Posted on by Eggy

Okay today I changed the right menu to be updated like the left one... andd uhhh yeah that's it.....WhAT? WHAT?! YOU THINK THAT'S TOO SMALL A POST? well you know what buddy I'm trying okay. I bet you have some dumbass name like "Marty" if you are reading this, yaaa face is uglehh Marttyyy. Nah I love you bud, despite your horrendous physical deformities. <3 

Okay so far you can see I'm doing this in Flash to draw it, but I will import it all into Unity. Add some extra fanceh smanceh effects to it and physics. Who doesn't like physics, but even better there will be numbers that go up. That's what were all here for right. Numbers that go up. Mmm delicious numbered dopamine.