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Dissapearing Friends

Posted on by Eggy

Since I've had Facebook deactivated for almost 2 months now I've made a startling realization and that is you don't have as many friends as you think you do. Since I stopped msging everyone first, I realised more than half these people don't ever msg me. In fact I think we will never talk again if I am not the one constantly msging them. It's quite sad really, you start to realise most these people only keep you on there out of curiosity and not because they actually enjoy talking to you. 

It's been an interesting social experiment to teach me the value of the close friends that do there best to actually remain in contact with me, and for those people I truly cherish that and am now giving my full attention too. You can have 4000 people on your social media, and still feel alone. That's pretty sad the way we have come in life, I will probably not be re-activating my facebook for an entire year. 

Being off there has been incredibly good for my mental health, it truly is a toxic place where people compete with a bunch of crap we don't care about. Always trying to make there life seem better than it is, posting mundane crap no one cares about but above all else it's now turned into a political hell hole of people arguing about everything. So sick of logging in and seeing a vegan tell me I'm an asshole for eating meat or a feminist post telling me I'm a horrible human simply because I'm male or a bunch of American politics arguing about Trump. It's all just a bunch of shit I realised. No one listens to each other, no one learns anything, they all just scream at top of there lungs to be the most heard.

No one changes there mind from Facebook, they already made there mind up. They just go there to try shove it in your face.

Do it, deactivate Facebook for a week, and you may realise you don't have as many friends as you think.