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Deleted Older Games

Posted on by Eggy

Since I've been making new games again and my quality is slowly getting better it was time to remove some of my older games from my website. These games had glitches, bad graphics and just looked like tests. I deleted the following games -

Soul Fishing
Pier and the Big Black Hole
Run Run Shoot
Micro Blaster

All these games pretty much looked like test games as practice when I first started so it was time to move on. I was torn between deleting Fur Ball and Hyper Square however fur ball is in my main logo so that one can remain for now, and I always like the premise behind Hyper Square. These 2 can remain down the bottom. These games I deleted are still playable on my Newgrounds/Kongregate account however if you're curious on my older stuff for the people curious to how bad I was before practicing :P But it's time to keep my collection here my stuff that reflects my main good quality work. Plus by deleting these it allows me to perhaps remake the idea later on as a much better playable game.

Moving on moving on!